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New moon is the time of the moon phase to manifest your ideas, desires, dreams and wants. Its the perfect time for you to sit down with yourself or in a moon circle. Allowing for deep breaths and working inwards seeking out what manifestations feels right for you in this very moment.

Writing down the different manifestations your soul is craving and taking a few moments with each written manifesto, even speaking them out loud to yourself is a great way to integrate the changes you are searching for.


Cleanse with sage
tune in with deep breath and meditation
Write down the things that you have had in mind / or that comes to you
Take a few minutes with each manifesto
Say them out loud



I´m sitting comfortably in bed, at my friends cosy place. Surrounded by trees and the most amazing sunset(s). I can watch the sun disappear behind trees and hills from where I`m sleeping. It is a most magical place.
Peaceful. Clean. Dreamlike.

As I was watching the sun slowly set, enjoying the silhouettes of the tree-lines and the sky turn orange-pink, I caught my self wandering off, into my thoughts.

My head was wandering, thinking about; When I have a place like this that is my own…. When I can travel and see more beautiful sunsets other places…. Why do I not have a place like this already?….

I realised most of the thoughts were about things I wanted, about future plans or envy of other peoples life. As I became aware of my body chasing the future, or comparing this moment to some moment in the past. I told myself to come back to this present moment. Because there is only now. I told myself to stop comparing and wanting, instead be grateful to my own experience. The experience I am having in this very moment. Because this very experience is unique and magical.
It is all that matter.
This now.

Because, how often do you find yourself being jealous, envying or longing for a moment already past, or a moment you hope will come? Wanting someone else´s experiences or life situations?

I know that I do it. Unconsciously.

Our minds are driving us crazy, making up stories and chasing for bigger, better and more. Next time you catch yourself on a journey like that, bring yourself back to your body. Back to the present moment you are experiencing and start putting that energy into you.
Being grateful for you, for your experience. Stop envying others, start envying yourself. Envy the moment you are having, so much that you are only this very moment. This very experience happing to you right now.



Good morning all wonderful beings. I hope your life is magical and that you are having a lot of fun, I´ve been having a lot of playful fun lately, which makes me so happy.

Today I wanted to share a super easy; Do It Yourself natural remedy.
Its been a while since I´ve posted about natural products and DIY, which is something I will integrate more on the blog as it is a huge part of my lifestyle.

Commercial products are often full of chemicals and things that are not good for our bodies. We usually dont know what half of the ingredients stand for. This I find really scary. Why should I put something on my body or in my body that I have no clue what the long-term effect off it will be?

The commercial products I use are few and I also try to make sure I´m getting them as natural as possible. I do have a goal that by the end of 2019, 80% of what I use will be natural & DIY.


Peppermint essential oil

Tee tree oil


Container / bottle

That is really all you need.

I prefer to boil the water first, just making sure its clean. (living in Norway the water is usually very clean, but just to be sure.)
Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil into the bottle, my bottle is app 150ml.
Add a few drops of tee tree oil.
Shake it well, then it is ready for use.
Make sure you shake it up and down before using it.

The peppermint will give you a nice fresh breath and the tee tree oil is killing bacteria / antiseptic.



Hi lovelies we are coming into full moon in libra this evening with a focus on letting go off feelings, patterns, emotions, people or experiences that is holding us back from expressing ourself. Letting go of what is holding you back from being your true-self.

Full Moon in Libra:

“You might have a strong need for balance and harmony now. You probably desire to keep things “nice” rather than venturing into fundamental questions in order not to disturb the peace. You must learn to share your good and bad feelings. Do not be afraid to be who you really are, despite what is expected of you.”

I´m so grateful for having a group of strong, independent, honest and magnificent souls-sisters who come together for full moons and new moons. We share, laugh, cry, meditate, sing, hold space for each other and let go and manifest.

Maybe you feel like this is a ritual that you would like to integrate into your life, but you are not sure how to?
Start with asking friends of yours that you feel safe with and introduce this ritual as a way of coming into deeper friendship and connection, it might start out with just a few people, and that is ok. Because it does not matter how many people you are. What matters is the intention and your presence.


Cleanse the space and the participants with sage

Come into a circle

Open the circle with deep breaths and releasing out

Write down what you need to release and let go off

Meditate on it

Hold space and allow everyone attending to share, if they wish to share

Sing, laugh (what ever feels right in the moment)

Burn your writings to release them back into the universe

The rituals are usually always a part of our moon ceremonies and we also integrate other things from time to time, depending on the energy and needs at the actual time it is happening. Feeling into the moment.



Kombucha is a health-drink that have become increasingly popular in the western world over the last few years. It is a fermented drink, made of a few key ingredients; black and/or green tea, sugar and the bacteria that creates the fermentation process the mushroom; scoby.

When the scoby comes into contact with the tea and sugar a fermentation process starts and it eats the sugar, the fermentation process and adds many great bacterias to the tea, it usually takes a few weeks to make.



Probiotics for the digestive system.

Can kill bacteria

May prevent heart disease

May help against cancer


kombucha is a great drink to add to your lifestyle, and it is important to consume it mindfully. Kombucha is being sold everywhere these days and we buy/consume it almost as a healthy soda, some might even drink a bottle every day.

The bacteria in the kombucha is great for your gut and digestive system, but only in moderation. All though it is being sold as healthy soda, you should not drink more than 1-3 shots of kombucha a day.

Drinking to much of it you will upset the balance in your gut and get an “overdose” of certain types of bacteria and you can create a yeast infection in your gut. ( speaking of personal experience)

So be mindful of your kombucha habits and if you buy /brew a big bottle, keep it in the fridge for a few days and drink a few shots a day instead of everything in one go.



Hi love tribe, hope your soul is on fire and that you are radiating love and joy.

I´ve had a pretty emotional week, feeling a lot of different things, being happy, joyful, energised but also really tired, annoyed and anxious. It is new moon today, so it also makes sense that its been a bit of a mix of emotions the last couple of days. So today I needed some clarity and comfort, and I will do a new moon meditation later just to clarify the goals I set at the previous full moon and work on my manifestations.

I will do a post dedicated to new moon rituals very soon, but this post was really to recommend a great podcast episode that I listened to today. Which gave me good energy and also, helped me ground and release some of the anxious feelings I´ve been channelling.

is a great podcast with so many great topics, ideas, meditations and wisdom.

“Defining your reality”

it is one of the latest episodes on the podcast and it just allowed me to shift my mind back in the right direction. Reminding me of being me fully, allowing myself to express myself how I want to express. Allow my soul to do what makes me happy. And that I am the creater of my life and my reality.

I hope you will have an amazing day, be yourself and stop doing things that does not serve your soul and that makes you feel like you are not being true to yourself.



Blessings and love to you all beautiful souls. I hope you are all well and I´m sending love to all of you.

Our body is a magical thing, so is our mind, and I believe we are all capable of much more than what we believe, we just need to come into deeper connection with ourselves and also open up to receiving and learn to let go and release.

Letting go, releasing and healing is a very difficult task. We are living in this society that are training us to be perfect and having perfect lives without any mistakes, without any traumas. Allowing healing to happen is so important if you want to be the best version of yourself and if you want to live a healthy life.

The body stores everything , everything that we experience the body remember, so even though your mind has forgotten about it the body will hold on to the experiences, both good and bad. So when you at a later time in life experience something similar to experiences you have had before the body will recognise this and behave in the samme manner, and also the trauma stored in the body will keep growing, they will be blockages in your system.

I have personally started to dive deep into my own traumas and blockages. For the last six months I´ve had some very difficult past-experiences reoccur into my life. I went to a few workshops that triggered the traumas that I had buried deep down for many years. The past-experience came back and hit me hard, bot emotionally and physically.

This experience made me realise how important it is to allow yourself to have emotional trauma release.
I personally want to be the best version of myself, and allowing the mind and the body to let go of past experiences is so vital for personal growth, for your health and for your own happiness.


Receive healing from a healer, reiki, shamanic, etc

Deep breathing and sound release

Yoga & Meditation
My favourite is practising yin yoga.

Shaking the body out, releasing tensions.

Physical contact-work with a practitioner
acupuncturist, osteopat, massage therapist, etc.

letting go and manifesting

Sharing circles
Being heard and feeling safe while you share.

Crying, laughing, shouting
allowing yourself to feel the emotions as they occur and release them out.

Being in nature



Hiya all wonderful beings, hope you are having a magical day.

I feel like sharing some wisdom on the topic yoga, and what yoga truly is. Yoga and mindfulness are becoming very popular and there are millions of inspiring social media accounts flourishing with beautiful pictures and so called perfect yoga poses and many people are discovering yoga and meditation practise every day.

I also admit that social media gets to me a bit as well, social media holds so much power and its easy to get caught up in this unconscious world that is programming us to believe, buy and change our mindset to what suits them.

Yoga is so much more than the movements that we do on a mat a few times a week, it is an ancient philosophy with 8 steps to reach the state of bliss, contentment and stillness in meditation.

The 8 steps all work together to help you arrive at Samahdi;
oneness with the act of meditation.

Yoga as we know it in the west is the third step called asana. Preparing our bodies and mind with movement before coming into meditation. Then the forth step which is pranayama – practise of the breath, which is also briefly touched on in “western” yoga.

Yoga is not about looking beautiful in a pose or pushing yourself to attend as many classes as you can per week, or building muscles.
Yoga is about balance, love, contentment, acceptance, fun, stillness, peace, mindfulness, honesty & much much more.

I´m a teacher of yoga and also a practiser of authentic yoga, and no I cant perform many of the asanas that we see on social media and that is completely fine, because this journey I´m on is not about accessing the poses that look amazing and that are really hard. My journey is about real yoga. My practise has not reached perfection, I might not even reach “perfection”. But as long as my daily yoga practise is not about becoming fit and looking beautiful, but about balance, love, contentment and joy; I´m satisfied.

So this pose might not look like yoga to you, and it is far from perfect that is for sure. But it is yoga. Its me accepting that I am as I am.



This one is to all my soul sisters out there, to all your beautiful female formations and female powers.

There is no denying that a male and a female have some different needs and bodily features, that is how the universe created us. So instead of fighting against our bodies and the nature of our being we should embrace our bodies and be proud of being born into a female body.

One of the female needs that I personally for a very very long time did not accept is having my period and not being ashamed and annoyed about it. I used contraception pills for almost 9 years, and probably only had my period 20-30 times over the last nine years. Thinking back I´m between laughing and crying at how badly I´ve treated my feminine powers, I´ve neglected a huge part of being fully me, having an authentic & present experience in a female form.

So this is to all my soul sisters out there, please please please allow yourself to be fully present in your body and embrace your period with love, kindness and presence.

Finally I´m clean of any chemical pill and I`m embracing my period fully, which means I now have to use sanitary products every month. This made me realise how much waist we accumulate with using tampongs and pads. Not only waist, but products that are tested on animals and also products that have toxins that are absorbed straight into your core essence.

The more I thought about the more repulsed I got, to using pads and tampongs. But I was also sceptical to the reusable alternatives. Thankfully I have an amazing soul tribe that I had discussions with, and that inspired me to try out the great alternative to tampongs.

It works like magic.

The reusable rubber cup is easy to use, it is easy to clean and is not leaving any toxins in your body and imagine how much less waist we can create.


You can leave it in for longer than tampongs.

You can sleep with it.

You can boil it and reuse it over and over again.

No toxins coming into your body.

Much much less waist.

Cheaper than buying single use tampongs and pads.



Hi love tribe, soul sisters and brothers.
I´m sending you good energy and love from little Norway to where you are located. I hope you are in a good flow and that you are on a journey that fuels your life with positive vibes and happiness.

My journey to become the most authentic, present and loving being that I can be is filled with reading loads of spiritual books, poems and quotes and listening to podcasts that is brining me closer to peace. Many of these readings have truly touched my soul and helped me through different difficult or tricky situations. I used to have screenshots of them on my phone, and go back on it whenever I needed some closure or guidance.

Having it on my phone is great, but having it on my wall in my bedroom is even better. Every morning or evening I get to read my favourite quotes, poems and wisdom that makes me filled with joy, happiness, love and good energy.

The wisdom wall is far from done, I´m slowly building it up, hanging up more positive vibes.