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– Hi lovelies –

So its our 3rd day in Bali, we have moved to an area called Sanur, which is a small chilled out place. Our first days we spent in Balangan, beautiful and peaceful off the cliffs. Yesterday we spent our afternoon at a beach club called El Kabron, which is a exclusive beach club  & tapas restaurant, with one of the best sunset views in Bali, and a beautiful infinity pool.

It is a must see if you are in Bali, and its worth the price, as you will over all be able to do Bali cheap. It is worth on day of luxury.

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I can not believe this week is over, what a relief. Just finished packing and are now meeting up with some friends for a few drinks, we fly out around 11 am tomorrow, so no craziness tonight. My bags are packed, so I thought I would share a few of my Bali essentials..

P8190691 P8190694 P8230703

The raw detox I did last week was a really good week, filled with only fresh, healthy and delicious food, having a healthy lifestyle, without almost any dairy (milk products), meet or fish is really easy, as long as you are willing to spend some time cooking, adapt your routines and mindset and look for great food ideas to keep inspired to make meals free from meat. After the raw detox week, I´ve decided to do at least one raw salad for dinner every week, I´ve also made the super healthy berry smoothie bowl for breakfast almost every day.

– Recipe for the smoothie bowl –

2 spoons of oats, a cup of berries, 1/2 avocado 1/2 banana 1 Tsp cocoa powder, 1 tsp maca 1/2 cup of water, nuts, berries & cinnamon for topping.

P8180696 P8180691

– The salad this week –

chick peas – spinach – baby cos – seeds – toasted almond flakes – avocado – onion – olive oil – lemon – himalaya salt  – chilli – pepper & mixed herbs, we added a plain organic omelet on the side to make it more filling.

P8250714 P8250706 P8250718

Everyone need a little bit of velvet in their life. My opinion anyway…

I have a real struggle with giving my clothes away, what I´m wearing is at least 5 years old, I buy fashion for the sake of keep, not so much trend, and therefore I always find a good reason to wear something I bought ages ago. My velvet top was a dress until last week, as I was in a mood for change, and simply cut it in two. Love those moments when I get the instant idea of changing a top, or a dress.

I needed to escape those assessments for a few hours, friends of ours invited us over for dinner last night, so perfect excuse. My brain even worked better today, good to get a break in a busy period, finding some new motivation.

P8180710 P8180712P8180711    P8180708

My body is tired, and so is my head. I´m working through all my assessments for this term and everything else seems to happen at the same time. I´m getting up, already feeling tired & lacking motivation, before the day has even started, just waiting for dawn, so I can take a break. Sunday it is all over for this turn, I already know the next trimester will be even tougher, now that I´m coming closer to the end. Even when its hard I still love it. When this week is past, I will breath slowly again, feel the inside of my head relax and the best part, swim in paradise for three weeks. Until Sunday, I´m waiting for dawn, so I can rest my head again.

IMG_20160802_161140 IMG_20160802_161300 IMG_20160802_161110

Another week has passed, Europe is slowly going towards autumn, and we are finally getting some warmer weather here down under, going towards summer. My week that passed, summed up in a few moments.

– Healthiness – Balcony Office – Yoga Practise –  Foto Shoot –

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2016-08-19 03.19.23 12016-08-19 03.00.05 1FB_IMG_1471411525394

– Happy Sunday everyone –

Exactly in one week, Jens and I will be on a plane to Bali, we are meeting his family there, I just can´t wait to be in paradise for three weeks. We are going to a few different places, so I will give you some travel-paradise inspiration the next coming weeks. Bali is only six hours flight from Sydney, so it´s the perfect paradise spot, when living on this side of the world. Next few days Ill be dreaming away.. But first 4 more assessments to go, work and a modelling job. Let the week be over already.

We are staying in 4 different locations and here is a little sneak peak









Images belong to the four different places we are staying.

The perfect everyday boot that is sustainable, comfortable, good price and water proof. I was actually looking for a new pair of rain boots, for city wear. As Sydney over all has good weather, we get occasional rain and storms. So having a pair of city rain boots have been a need since my old pair died on me at a gig last year.

My new boots are of the brand Melissa, which is a sustainable all rubber shoe brand. Only using recycled rubber, no animals or humans need to suffer. The shoes are amazing and so comfortable.

2016-07-19 02.06.05 1

2016-07-19 02.06.08 1

2016-08-10 09.31.50 1

The ocean, and the mountains, my two favourite places to be, I could not live without either two. I´m not religious, but if I was, then ocean and mountains would be my true religion. It somehow presents you the answer you search, saves you from your fears and gives you back your strength and courage.

 2016-08-14 05.04.48 1 2016-08-14 05.04.45 12016-08-14 05.04.45 2

– Healthy vegan dessert –

It is the final day of our raw detox, it went surprisingly easy, after smoothie breakfast and salad lunch tomorrow I will make “normal” dinner again. Still be healthy but defiantly some pasta, cooked food and red wine will be on the meny. To celebrate the end of a great detox week, and the beginning of a new healthy week, I made my favourite healthy dessert for tomorrow, the coconut cream mousse, you have to do it. it is simply the best.

I try to stay away from dairy as much as possible, choosing coconut cream. There is so many other products that is so much better for us and for our planet than animal products, especially dairy.

I´m not a health fanatic, at least I tell myself that, I just simply believe we have so many great products out there that are healthy and delicious. So why go for the artificial and unhealthy choice, especially when there are options that is so much better for the environment and for you!?

To make the mousse, you simply need the coconut cream – put in the fridge for a few hours before using. 1/2 a teaspoon vanilla extract, 2-3 teaspoons cocoa powder (real cocoa powder without any added sugar or sweetener) and last if you are a strict vegan use agave, if not go for a organic honey. I prefer the honey flavour, as I make sure I buy real organic honey, of good quality. Cinnamon, berries or nuts of of your choice for topping.

2016-08-04 12.34.19 1 2016-08-04 12.34.18 1 2016-08-04 03.33.09 1 2016-08-04 03.33.08 1Use a hand mixer or a whisper for all the ingredients, when whisked put in a bowl or whatever you prefer serving from, and leave in the fridge for at least 40 min.

– E-N-J-O-Y-