Hope everyone is having a great week, my Bali holiday is almost over, unbelievable how quick three weeks go. We all had some trouble along the way, sick, food poisoning and just normal holiday troubles I guess.


If you have not been to Indonesia, and you are planning on or having the idea of a trip here, I will do a little recap of each destination/week that we spent.

We spent time in Balangan and Sanur the first week, Balangan is on the sunset side, off the cliffs with perfect surf beaches. It is a bit remote, but so stunning. Scooter is essential for getting around, unless you only wanna stay put for a few days. You have several beach clubs/bars to visit for perfect afternoon drinks and sunset magic.


Sanur, is on the sunrise side, with more tourists, restaurants, some shopping and beaches perfect for swimming, without waves. From Sanur you will make easily day trips, to other parts of the Island and also a must do is to visit Nusa Lembongan, next time we will skip Sanur and go straight there, to get the real paradise feeling, it is so stunning.

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Week 1 summed up

Balangan is perfect for the remote tropical feeling, getting the surf vibes and see the most beautiful sunsets.

Sanur is perfect if you are looking to be surrounded by more people/tourist and are planning on doing a few day trips, especially making your way to Nusa Lembongan.