Here comes the final recap of the Bali trip, posting about it kind of eases the transition from holiday mode back to normal life again. Especially on a rainy day like today.

Our last destination for this trip was the tropical area of Ubud. For many Ubud is a holistic sanctuary and real escape from the troubles of life. You find healthy food everywhere, yoga and meditation places and holistic retreats. A great destination for people who are seeking to find piece of mind, answers to life questions or a change of perspective.

We staid in a little home stay 10-15 min from the main food/shopping area, which is a perfect distanse away from everything. Being in Ubud you really want to feel the jungle and the tropical, it is good to escape busy-ness and find peace for a few days, or weeks.

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You should while staying there, visit rice fields, the monkey forrest, if you seek some challenge do one of the sunrise climbs and visit a few of the amazing arts and craft shops around.