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Spring has hit Sydney, with almost 30 degrees yesterday, what a beautiful afternoon we had!

I´ve spent most of my week at uni and in front of my mac, so I needed a break. Jens and I decided to test drive our new scooter bike, and went for a few early afternoon drinks to enjoy the arrival of spring. I love wearing colour, so yesterday was a perfect day for my awesome second-hand green “leather” jacket.

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Life is Short. Live Passionately.

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x Enjoy your weekend beautiful people x

Hi beautiful people


I´ve had a really hectic week so far and its not slowing down until Wednesday next week. I´m in week three of twelve at this trimester, so next week is the first assessment week. There´s a lot of work to be done this term. I´m one step from finishing my Branded Fashion Design degree, so this trimester we are getting a pre-taste of what the last term is going to look like. Currently working on a brand proposal for my label, as we have to develop a brand, both visual and physical. The physical part is having our designs made, with all the appropriate features, industry standards, all though this term we only have to make 1 look. When I´m working on all the visual that has to be done, I need a good study rhythm and a good spot to work.

The days I´m not at uni, I make my kitchen into a study desk, this works great, as I can “build” a standing desk. I concentrate so much better standing up, and also it is so much better for your blod circulation and for your posture and back. Sitting long days on a chair is the worst. If you have not tried the “standing technique” before, it will probably feel a bit odd the first couple of times, but I really encourage you to test it out, and if you get tired, take short breaks of sitting down and doing stretch-exercises. It has made my study hours so much more productive.

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Enjoy the rest of your week guys, hopefully you got less things to do!

When you have those moments;”The Big City Life” has gotten to you, and you just need to escape, it is like that sometimes. Sydney is a big city, though the heart of the city is actually not that big. Living here for over 3 years, I think I know the city by heart, I could not get lost anymore. This is one of the many things I like about Sydney, a few other things are; all the amazing beaches and coastal walks we got so close by, all the little suburbs away from the CBD that has great little shops, cafes and parks. A third is the fact that the weather is over all really good, and we still get 4 seasons here, which I love! You can not enjoy sunny days if you never have any rainy and cold once.

Yesterday was one of those “I´m over the city days” so we went out to Watson´s Bay, just enjoyed being in a different area, watch the ocean and the city from a distanse and get some fresh air. Beautiful day.

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Hello October!

New month, warmer days, new challenges & new opportunities.

  Before getting started on October I was inspired by fellow Femelle blogger Nenna Echem, doing a recap of her top 5 September moments, which is a great way to remind yourself of some good moments that has passed, preparing for new once to arrive.

Hope everyone are ready for what ever October may bring





Ubud has to be experienced, it is just so beautiful


Uni started 3 weeks ago and it is so great to be back feeling really motived this time!



After the holiday I started doing meditation again, a minimum of 5 days a week, I´ve also got back into my really good yoga routines, twice a week.