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Accessories is always fun to play around with, to dress an outfit up or down, making a statement or maybe feeling a bit less naked? I´m sure I´ve had some accessories for at least 5 – 6 years, as I hate throwing out. Thankfully I have a little sister, who have always been happy to take over.

I believe it is better to have less, because there will always be those favourite pieces that you will use over and over again, and simply we humans over consume on almost anything.

These are my 4 favourites jewellery pieces

2016-08-10 12.00.51 1

Feather necklace  I´ve had since high school. The burberry bangle was bought on the airport in London after visiting a friend about 3 years ago. My watch I bought in Paris 4 years ago. The ring I got from work just when I started there, about 7 months ago.

2016-08-10 12.00.49 1

Do you have any favourite pieces that you never grow tired off?

Hi everyone,

hope you are spending your time more wisely than going on a mental shopping spre today, as it is the so called Black Friday. Such a silly American concept if you ask me. I have spent quality time with a friend outside, enjoying the blue ocean and our green surroundings. Hopefully you decide to spend your time more wisely today, see the beauty in the free things around you, maybe consider boikotting this crazy shopping day, appreciate the things you already have in your life.

Sorry for bad image quality, due to our camera going dead on our weekend away.

2016-11-21-09-00-30-1 2016-11-21-09-00-27-1 2016-11-21-09-00-34-1

I just love my cute swimsuit / bodysuit from a small label called Love Stories, they have the cutest underwear and swimwear of really high quality. It is so worth investing a little extra for good quality products that is made well.

2016-11-21-09-00-35-1 2016-11-21-09-00-25-1

Hope you enjoy you weekend consciously

Happy Wednesday everyone!

We had a great little adventure this past weekend, to Jervis Bay, a lovely 3h drive from Sydney. City life can really strangle you if you don´t get yourself out amongst beautiful nature. Jervis Bay offered just what we needed, a great scenic drive, one of the whitest beach in the world, dolphins and great nature hikes.

Unfortunately we forgot our camera charger, so most images from this weekend are phone taken.

One of the beaches with the whites sand in the world

2016-11-21-04-56-57-1 2016-11-20-01-19-38-1

Dolphin spotting, our amazing Airbnb hosts took us out on their boat chasing dolphins.

pb190090 pb190087

Parrot Feeding


Exploring & Venturing

pb190069 pb190062 pb190051pb190074 2016-11-21-09-00-22-1

Hope you find the time to go to places that makes you feel amazing and find peace of mind

– Good Monday everyone –

“One Small Positive Thought In The Morning, Can Change Your Whole Day”

2016-11-19-10-03-17-1 2016-11-19-10-03-20-1 2016-11-19-10-03-18-1

We just got back to Sydney after a great weekend spent in Jervis Bay, away from traffic, city noise and stress surroundings. My body has been filed up with new energy and motivation for the next coming weeks.

Have a great Monday lovelies, hope you managed to fill up your bodies as well

Happy Friday everyone!

Hope your week has been as productive as mine, less than three weeks til my second last trimester at uni is over, which means; MY HEAD IS SPINNING AROUND.

As I´m studying fashion design and branding, I do not have to physically make my designs my self, I will do all the fabric & material sourcing, build the brand, folios, logo, design the collection, organise photoshoot, meet and communicate my designs with my makers and so on.

img_20161116_210227 2016-11-17-04-18-26-1

Sustainable and ethical fashion is a major part of my fashion brand, which means I´m only sourcing natural fabrics, as much organic as I can find and the best part; finding beautiful vintage garments to reuse for my designs.

pa311150 pa311147

My final fabric choices for the two styles I´m having made this trimester

pb091194 pb091197

Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead, Jens and I are going away this weekend, will share some photos with you guys soon x

Hi Lovelies!

I wanted to share a complete vintage look with you guys this week. Buying second hand or vintage is a great way to keep a unique style, purchase high-end products at an affordable price and the most important be more ethical.

pb160002 pb160001
Fashion is so much more than just a piece of clothing that makes you feel good or that keeps you warm. It has been made by someone, somewhere. It is time that we showed more appreciation.

pb160010 pb160013

Hopefully you´ll be inspired to buy more vintage and second hand fashion

pb160034 pb160039 pb160043

Enjoy the rest of your week

My coconut obsession is unreal, if you know me well, you know what I´m talking about.

I swear to it.

Coconut oil is so amazing for your body and skin, for your inside and the outside.

Lately I´ve started making my own coconut oil blend, with only three simple ingredients that makes the oil just so much better.

Organic Coconut Oil – Lavender Essential Oil – Fresh Lavender

pa271145 pa271146

pa271153 pa271155

– Not only is is beautiful to look at, it is beautiful for your skin –


Hi lovelies, hope you are having a great weekend, don´t let life get in the way of your dreams.

If someone told me four years ago that I would be studying fashion design and branding on the other side of the planet ( Australia), living in a hostel for over a year, working on a lime farm picking limes, get a phone call about my grandmothers sudden death, not being able to see her one last time or be on Australian TV, feel extreme sadness, happiness, loneliness, excitement among so many other life changing experiences; I don´t know if I would have believed it.

Our lives are so short that it´s not worth living the life expected of you, dream crazy and let the unexpected happen.

pb101202 pb101201

I want to continue being crazy;

pb101203 pb101204

Living my life the way I dream it,

pb101205 pb101206

And not the way other people want it to be.


Photo credit: Jens Broers

Dream Crazy & Live Big

– Good day lovelies –

Wanna share the recipe for a really delicious iced almond latte with you guys!

I made this the other day, and it so delicious and super healthy.

All you need is

Almond Milk, Dates, Almonds, Cinnamon, Turmeric & Cocoa spice


Put it all together in your blender, if you don´t want the bits of almonds and dates that does not blend just strain the bits out.



Tast best chilled

Hi sweethearts, hope you are all having a wonderful day.

The magazine I blog for; Femelle.no is running a competition, announcing “This Years Femelle Blogger 2016”. It would be amazing if you took your time to give me, Ginger Gypsy a vote HERE, if you think I deserve it. I´ve been a Femelle blogger for 4-5 months now, so there are many other bloggers that has been a part of the network much longer, that also deserve to win. Still worth a shot, as I´m super happy to be apart of the network and will continue to be.


If you give me a vote I will be really grateful

Thank you beautiful x