Accessories is always fun to play around with, to dress an outfit up or down, making a statement or maybe feeling a bit less naked? I´m sure I´ve had some accessories for at least 5 – 6 years, as I hate throwing out. Thankfully I have a little sister, who have always been happy to take over.

I believe it is better to have less, because there will always be those favourite pieces that you will use over and over again, and simply we humans over consume on almost anything.

These are my 4 favourites jewellery pieces

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Feather necklace  I´ve had since high school. The burberry bangle was bought on the airport in London after visiting a friend about 3 years ago. My watch I bought in Paris 4 years ago. The ring I got from work just when I started there, about 7 months ago.

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Do you have any favourite pieces that you never grow tired off?