Hope you are having a good Sunday, I usually don´t get very political involved, but I simply had to share my feelings and thoughts on Aleppo, its breaking my heart.

My social media, news pages & tv have been filled with horrible images of suffering innocent people in Aleppo. Last night I cried, I felt so incredible sad and helpless. Just imagining what people have to suffer through, injustice, hate and inhuman treatment. Why was I so lucky in my life? Why do I deserve to be so incredible safe and happy, living in Australia by choice, born in the world´s best country Norway. Why me, and not those innocent people? Luck, I was lucky. Hundreds of people were less lucky, and they still manage to find so much happiness, compassion and gratefulness in their life´s. But right at this moment, so many people have lost all hope, they´ve lost everything and everyone. Their life is a living hell, a hell that no one should have to experience.

I´m going to feel so incredible sad for these people until their life´s are being valued at the same level as mine. I will also send love and compassion, donate what I can afford, share on social media, try to make a difference. Hopefully you will do the same.