“A world where people only look after themselves is not a good world to live in”

If everyone would just care a little bit more and give a little bit more, we would come a long way. I believe that my effort in supporting others does make a difference, maybe you can´t see it right away, but its worth it, every little effort you make.

I want to share with you the brand I´m an ambassador for, as I think their message is worthy of sharing, a proof that you can run a business that does good.

I met Kathy, the founder of Moeloco flipflops two years back, just when she started up her business, I loved her generosity and her willingness to be an entrepreneur with a goal to make a difference to the world. Since then I´ve followed Moeloco on their journey, and when Kathy asked if I would like to be an ambassador for them, I saw it as an honour. I´m so grateful to be apart of making small changes to peoples life´s, hopefully inspire more people to see the importance of caring and giving.

Moeloco is so much more than just a pair of flipflops, it is hard work, love, honesty, commitment and the list goes on. Kathy is proving that giving back to less fortunate communities should not be an addition, but a major part of a business. Please take the time to read more about them at Moeloco & follow them on Instagram HERE.

The Team behind Moeloco have been working hard to reach a 1000 shoes for India, now before Christmas. So if you are still looking for a little gift for someone, a pair of Moeloco´s are a great gift, not expensive and you don´t just buy another little thing that does not do good for anyone, you give a child a pair of quality shoes, you give them hope.

Together we can all make an impact

Not a sponsored post