Happy holiday´s everyone, hope you are enjoying time with your loved once.

I´m not really fussed about Christmas, especially when I´m in a hot climate, as you do not get any Christmas feeling at all! I do like the idea of spending time together and be generous and kind, all though it should always be a goal to be generous and kind to others, no matter the season or event.


On the other hand I love celebrating the new year, Our tradition is celebrating in the mountains of Norway, with my high school friend group, as we still have a really close and amazing friend group. All though this year Jens & I are missing out, we still have to set some goals for the new year coming. 2017 will bring a lot of changes and challenges, so I know it will be a very interesting year ahead.


Finish my degree with final work I will be proud of

Manage the move to Norway, especially as my partner is not Norwegian, and do not speak the language yet

Re-adapt to the Norwegian culture and lifestyle and find good work

Keep blogging about a sustainable lifestyle journey

Continue to share, spread and care for the global warming and unethical challenges we are facing, hopefully inspire more people to make changes to their life

What are you looking forward to in the new year?