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Hi beautiful people, hope your weekend was living up to your expectations and what you had in mind? Im sharing my very first vlog with you guys today. I´ve decided I´m gonna try to do it a few times a month.

My weekend was great, starting it with seeing Passenger at a small vintage venue with my boyfriend, man that singer gave me goosebumps through out the whole 2 hours of playing. Saturday was spent snorkelling off Bondi beach, visiting a Saturday market, eating the best falafel plate every and ended with red wine, sofa and 6 episodes of Game Of Thrones, Jens and I decided to start watching from the beginning again.

Then today was spent seeing a small exhibition following meeting up with a friend for a afternoon swim and rosè. I got a exiting week ahead, starting a internship for a small design label here in Sydney. YAY! Super exited about that, after having a bit of a shit start to the week, which I will share with you guys another time.

Hope your Sunday is beautiful giving you energy for a new week ahead, my first video blog is here for your entertainment.  Focused on who I am and inspiration and tips to live more sustainable.

Have a fabulous Sunday

Happy weekend everyone, hope you got a good one ahead?

I´ve been thinking about how much I´ve changed as a person the last few years, especially when it comes to the “less is more” philosophy. I find it so much easier to be happy and appreciate the value of what I got and what I buy. Being more down to earth, and at piece with not having to purchase new things all the time feels so be-freeing. With that said I wanted to share with you guys “10 materialistic things I can not do without”  as know matter how down to earth you are, there will always be certain things you feel like you do need in your life. Don´t you agree?




What is your materialistic valuables you can not live without?



Honestly, when do you really go out and explore and venture your own city?

Probably not nearly enough. Just walking around, taking it all in. Appreciating your surroundings. I do not do it often enough, somehow life just gets in the way of it all. You have your routines, work, exercise, friends, family. We stick to the places we know and feel comfortable at, what we are used to.

Jens and I went on a little adventure last weekend, Saturday we spent down in the oldest part of Sydney, The Rocks, opposite the Opera house, and its really nice. Almost the only place where you find really old original buildings, just watching the harbour bridge from underneath it is pretty cool, and not to forget walking across it to the other side, seeing the beautiful harbour from a different perspective.

All photo credit: Jens Broers

I think Sydney is one of the most beautiful big cities I´ve ever seen, the harbour is just breathtaking. I know there are so many beautiful cities around the world, that is much more beautiful than Sydney, when it comes to actually construction and buildings. The reason I found Sydney so beautiful, is because of the amazing balance of “big city life” with all its nature surroundings, coast line and how all the suburbs away from the CBD has really great venues (shops, cafes, pubs, restaurants) for all kinds of people.

Sunday, another week has gone by. I hope you had a good one?

 I love spending my Sunday evening watching a good documentary or film, so I want to recommend the latest documentary I watched. A film that I believe has is such a great message, it will make you really think about your own life and lifestyle, hopefully inspire you to become less materialistic and more minimalistic.

Minimalism is a great documentary made by two men, who both had a “great” fast phased rich life. It is about their and others peoples stories on how they changed their lifestyle completely finding a true meaning of life, and the most important true happiness and real wealth. A wealth that can not be measured by the amount of money they make, but their new chosen minimalistic lifestyle. It is about finding real appreciation in fewer things, spend more time and money on real valuable possessions. Like spending quality time with loved once, travel and explore “real” and new places. Everyone has a different value system, when you can remove the several materialistic possessions from your value system, I believe your life will give you so much more pleasure and happiness.

In my life, when I was younger; Shoes and expensive handbags was two materialistic possessions that I loved, and I thought it made me truly happy. I´ve learnt a lot and grown so much the last few years, today I do not believe buying a new handbag or new shoes will make me happy. It does not mean I do not love handbags and shoes anymore, I´ve just decided to really appreciate what I do already have. I´m also not saying I will never buy another expensive handbag, but I do not longer have that urge every time I see someone with a beautiful bag, or when I walk past a designer store. It kind of also goes against my live-by philosophy, as I´m dedicated to not purchasing any new leather goods ever again.

Anyway if you are looking for a great documentary to watch, you feel like your life needs a push in a new direction, or you simply want to be inspired? Please watch it, it is available on Netflix. You can also visit their personal blog / website here; THEMINIMALISTS

Tonight we are watching “Before the flood” produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, about climate change and serious issues we are facing.


thats the subheading of my magazine, SLOW. It is so true. Unfortunately society are making us believe that we should have everything right away, no matter the cost, and the quality is put on the side line, as we might as well just get a new one when it breaks.

It is time to reverse the mind set, starting taking care of what we have and see the value of the “Good things take time” philosophy. Every single thing I buy, has a real value and real appreciation, I give it a long life of use and care.

Slow Down

Be Calm

Appreciate Everything

Let the good things take time


A couple of days ago I made my very first body / face lotion, I´ve been making my own face masks and scrubs for a while, and for my body I only use pure coconut oil, all though sometimes my skin is very sensitive. Needing a more moisturising and thicker lotion that the coconut oil. I found a recipe combining coconut oil with beeswax & essential oil of your preference.  I also added cocoa butter, a bit of olive oil, dried chamomile and lavender essential oil. The lotion is a very thick cream, as I put a bit more beeswax than what I should have, but for my dry and irritated skin it does goal. Would not recommend the amount of beeswax for someone with oily skin.

I often measure by eye, so each time will be a different result, as this was the first time using this recipe, I will add a bit more coconut oil and reduce the beeswax portion next time.

Mix all the ingredients together in a glass jar, bowl or sauce pan.

Make a hot water bath, put the jar / bowl / sauce pan into the boiling water, make sure you do not get water into the ingredients or heat the ingredients directly on the stove.

Creating your own wellness products is a great way to explore your creative side, be more environmental friendly and treat your skin and body with only natural and real ingredients, so much better than the all the artificial´s we consume.

I got the recipe and other inspiration from this blog

I´m super excited beautiful people, to share this challenge I´m about to start with everyone.

A friend of mine is a part of the project/ community called Cchallenge or Cchange. Which is a community fighting for a better and more sustainable planet, engaging people to join the movement, by accepting a 30 day challenge that will be a positive change for our surroundings. It´s about testing your limits, become more aware, be active, take the responsibility for our actions, inspire and challenge the world to see better opportunities and change. I personally find challenging myself really rewarding and very satisfactory, especially when it´s with a positive effect for our surroundings. I have therefore easily accepted the CChallenge 30 days, with making a small change in my life the next coming 30 days. With a goal to make it open my eyes to new ways, letting my 30 day challenge not stop at 30 days, but continue.

I have decided to challenge myself by;

Not purchasing any products pre-packed in plastic, this including food products. 

I always bring my own bags and for certain foods like salad, I will use plastic bags or paper bags that I already have at home. I will find a different alternative to the pasta I usually purchase that comes in plastic. I will be creative, make food from scratch if I cant find a glass jar or tin jar alternative. I will inspire you to take up a challenge that suits your lifestyle at this current moment.


Be in the nature every day

Pick up rubbish from the street/nature every  day

Eat less / no meat for 30 days

Eat less/ no dairy products for  30 days

Take public transport / or walk / bike for 30 days

Bring your own carry bags, do not accept any new plastic carry bags for 30 days

Do not wash your hair every day, as you showers can be much shorter for 30 days.

Do not purchase any fast fashion product for 30 days

Visit cchange  and check out the 30 day cchallenge 

Let´s help save our planet, we all need to compromise and make changes to our lifestyle

Without the darkness we would not be able to see the magnificent stars, that would be a real shame.  

And we’ll rise over love,
And over hate,
Through this iron sky,
That’s fast becoming our minds
Over fear,
Into freedom.
Into freedom.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend, here comes a little photo gallery from our stay at Moreton Island.

We had such a great time at Moreton, staying in glamping tents, just 2 min from the beach. The glamping tents are super comfy, you have your own private bathroom with hot shower in the tent, a double bed, lights and a nice little deck outside. All run by solar power, which is great! No internet connection making the stay just what I needed. Moreton is miles and miles of white sandy beaches, green scenery, dolphin´s, turtles and other sea life. Investing money in travel and adventure, rather than materialistic “bullshit” is giving my life so much more meaning and happiness, finding joy and pleasure in our surroundings, rather than my things.

Simply paradise.

How often we take for granted what we have, and that we don´t appreciate the simple things, this trip was a great reminder of how I will be more aware in my life.

Happy New Year lovely people, hope your 2017 has had a good start.

We are waiting for our flight back to Sydney, after our trip up the coast, visiting Brisbane and Moreton Island. With barley any reception the last couple of days, life has been wonderful, not worrying about the world out there, social media or blogging. Simply enjoying a book, playing games and have quality time with Jens.

I find myself being a very caring person, I overall always try to do the right thing, share awareness about all the many bad things and good things, that are happening in our world. My mind is constantly worrying about what I can do better, how I can help and how I can share. So to be able to go away for a few days, just worry about the two of us, and just be happy and grateful, have been such a energy boost, one person can not simply save the world alone, and honestly that´s what it feels like sometimes, like your are in it all alone. But 2017 has had a great start, my energy levels have been boosted, I´m ready to keep up my passion for a better place, sharing and spreading the causes I believe in. First I´ll share a few of the best parts of our stay in Brisbane, Moreton Island will come in a different post.

Brisbane is a very average city, pretty small for a big city, with easy walking access to the main areas, just put some good shoes one, as your feet will hurt, especially with the heat and humidity. South Bank and the museum on that side was the best part, and walking across the bridge at night and watch the city and river from Kangaroo Point. It is over all a very clean and nice looking city, with close access to nature.

South Bank



City by night