Happy New Year lovely people, hope your 2017 has had a good start.

We are waiting for our flight back to Sydney, after our trip up the coast, visiting Brisbane and Moreton Island. With barley any reception the last couple of days, life has been wonderful, not worrying about the world out there, social media or blogging. Simply enjoying a book, playing games and have quality time with Jens.

I find myself being a very caring person, I overall always try to do the right thing, share awareness about all the many bad things and good things, that are happening in our world. My mind is constantly worrying about what I can do better, how I can help and how I can share. So to be able to go away for a few days, just worry about the two of us, and just be happy and grateful, have been such a energy boost, one person can not simply save the world alone, and honestly that´s what it feels like sometimes, like your are in it all alone. But 2017 has had a great start, my energy levels have been boosted, I´m ready to keep up my passion for a better place, sharing and spreading the causes I believe in. First I´ll share a few of the best parts of our stay in Brisbane, Moreton Island will come in a different post.

Brisbane is a very average city, pretty small for a big city, with easy walking access to the main areas, just put some good shoes one, as your feet will hurt, especially with the heat and humidity. South Bank and the museum on that side was the best part, and walking across the bridge at night and watch the city and river from Kangaroo Point. It is over all a very clean and nice looking city, with close access to nature.

South Bank



City by night