Hope you are enjoying your weekend, here comes a little photo gallery from our stay at Moreton Island.

We had such a great time at Moreton, staying in glamping tents, just 2 min from the beach. The glamping tents are super comfy, you have your own private bathroom with hot shower in the tent, a double bed, lights and a nice little deck outside. All run by solar power, which is great! No internet connection making the stay just what I needed. Moreton is miles and miles of white sandy beaches, green scenery, dolphin´s, turtles and other sea life. Investing money in travel and adventure, rather than materialistic “bullshit” is giving my life so much more meaning and happiness, finding joy and pleasure in our surroundings, rather than my things.

Simply paradise.

How often we take for granted what we have, and that we don´t appreciate the simple things, this trip was a great reminder of how I will be more aware in my life.