I´m super excited beautiful people, to share this challenge I´m about to start with everyone.

A friend of mine is a part of the project/ community called Cchallenge or Cchange. Which is a community fighting for a better and more sustainable planet, engaging people to join the movement, by accepting a 30 day challenge that will be a positive change for our surroundings. It´s about testing your limits, become more aware, be active, take the responsibility for our actions, inspire and challenge the world to see better opportunities and change. I personally find challenging myself really rewarding and very satisfactory, especially when it´s with a positive effect for our surroundings. I have therefore easily accepted the CChallenge 30 days, with making a small change in my life the next coming 30 days. With a goal to make it open my eyes to new ways, letting my 30 day challenge not stop at 30 days, but continue.

I have decided to challenge myself by;

Not purchasing any products pre-packed in plastic, this including food products. 

I always bring my own bags and for certain foods like salad, I will use plastic bags or paper bags that I already have at home. I will find a different alternative to the pasta I usually purchase that comes in plastic. I will be creative, make food from scratch if I cant find a glass jar or tin jar alternative. I will inspire you to take up a challenge that suits your lifestyle at this current moment.


Be in the nature every day

Pick up rubbish from the street/nature every  day

Eat less / no meat for 30 days

Eat less/ no dairy products for  30 days

Take public transport / or walk / bike for 30 days

Bring your own carry bags, do not accept any new plastic carry bags for 30 days

Do not wash your hair every day, as you showers can be much shorter for 30 days.

Do not purchase any fast fashion product for 30 days

Visit cchange  and check out the 30 day cchallenge 

Let´s help save our planet, we all need to compromise and make changes to our lifestyle