Sunday, another week has gone by. I hope you had a good one?

 I love spending my Sunday evening watching a good documentary or film, so I want to recommend the latest documentary I watched. A film that I believe has is such a great message, it will make you really think about your own life and lifestyle, hopefully inspire you to become less materialistic and more minimalistic.

Minimalism is a great documentary made by two men, who both had a “great” fast phased rich life. It is about their and others peoples stories on how they changed their lifestyle completely finding a true meaning of life, and the most important true happiness and real wealth. A wealth that can not be measured by the amount of money they make, but their new chosen minimalistic lifestyle. It is about finding real appreciation in fewer things, spend more time and money on real valuable possessions. Like spending quality time with loved once, travel and explore “real” and new places. Everyone has a different value system, when you can remove the several materialistic possessions from your value system, I believe your life will give you so much more pleasure and happiness.

In my life, when I was younger; Shoes and expensive handbags was two materialistic possessions that I loved, and I thought it made me truly happy. I´ve learnt a lot and grown so much the last few years, today I do not believe buying a new handbag or new shoes will make me happy. It does not mean I do not love handbags and shoes anymore, I´ve just decided to really appreciate what I do already have. I´m also not saying I will never buy another expensive handbag, but I do not longer have that urge every time I see someone with a beautiful bag, or when I walk past a designer store. It kind of also goes against my live-by philosophy, as I´m dedicated to not purchasing any new leather goods ever again.

Anyway if you are looking for a great documentary to watch, you feel like your life needs a push in a new direction, or you simply want to be inspired? Please watch it, it is available on Netflix. You can also visit their personal blog / website here; THEMINIMALISTS

Tonight we are watching “Before the flood” produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, about climate change and serious issues we are facing.