Honestly, when do you really go out and explore and venture your own city?

Probably not nearly enough. Just walking around, taking it all in. Appreciating your surroundings. I do not do it often enough, somehow life just gets in the way of it all. You have your routines, work, exercise, friends, family. We stick to the places we know and feel comfortable at, what we are used to.

Jens and I went on a little adventure last weekend, Saturday we spent down in the oldest part of Sydney, The Rocks, opposite the Opera house, and its really nice. Almost the only place where you find really old original buildings, just watching the harbour bridge from underneath it is pretty cool, and not to forget walking across it to the other side, seeing the beautiful harbour from a different perspective.

All photo credit: Jens Broers

I think Sydney is one of the most beautiful big cities I´ve ever seen, the harbour is just breathtaking. I know there are so many beautiful cities around the world, that is much more beautiful than Sydney, when it comes to actually construction and buildings. The reason I found Sydney so beautiful, is because of the amazing balance of “big city life” with all its nature surroundings, coast line and how all the suburbs away from the CBD has really great venues (shops, cafes, pubs, restaurants) for all kinds of people.