Hi beautiful people, hope your weekend was living up to your expectations and what you had in mind? Im sharing my very first vlog with you guys today. I´ve decided I´m gonna try to do it a few times a month.

My weekend was great, starting it with seeing Passenger at a small vintage venue with my boyfriend, man that singer gave me goosebumps through out the whole 2 hours of playing. Saturday was spent snorkelling off Bondi beach, visiting a Saturday market, eating the best falafel plate every and ended with red wine, sofa and 6 episodes of Game Of Thrones, Jens and I decided to start watching from the beginning again.

Then today was spent seeing a small exhibition following meeting up with a friend for a afternoon swim and rosè. I got a exiting week ahead, starting a internship for a small design label here in Sydney. YAY! Super exited about that, after having a bit of a shit start to the week, which I will share with you guys another time.

Hope your Sunday is beautiful giving you energy for a new week ahead, my first video blog is here for your entertainment.  Focused on who I am and inspiration and tips to live more sustainable.

Have a fabulous Sunday