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I´m making a to do plan/ list for the week and next week, The Lumineers playing in the background, homemade bean patties cooking for dinner and my mind is set on positive thoughts.

How you use your mindset changes everything, so when I´m having a hard day, feeling  stressed or out of place; I always turn my mindset around. If you think positive, your life changes accordingly. Mindset is everything. Stay positive even when you don´t feel like it, thats when amazing things happens.



Remember mindset is everything, you can achieve so much with positive thinking

Amazing start to the week for me, I had internship all day, I´m working (interning) for a small boutique label called Jacinta James, the nicest people to work and be surrounded by. Interning for a small label is such an advantage, you really get to see all sides of running a business up close and real. You get to use and develop skills for several areas, and my absolute favourite; working with a small amazing team, building a small unique and sustainable business.

As it is my birthday this coming Wednesday I was so lucky to get chocolate and beautiful sunflowers from them today. Could not have had a better start to this week.
So grateful.



Hope your week is starting off great as well


I´m feeling the urge to move, explore and venture new places. My hearth is beating fast for  new adventure. A little change. A big change. I´m restless, impatient and hungry for more. Seeking change and surprise, more challenge and less routine.
My soul dies if standing still for to long.

lyrics taken from Passenger

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Hope you are having a wonderful weekend


/In collaboration with www.thrivestore.se 


The message is real clear, bold strong and extremely confident. I say Fuck Fast Fashion, and I´m proudly sharing and showing the message with my awesome fair trade bag from Thrivestore; a leading Scandinavian concept store; all fair trade, organic, vegan and sustainable fashion. Just the way it should be.




The fast fashion industry is causing huge amount of damage to our environment and all the people involved in the industry. The big chains are becoming richer, and the garments worker are becoming poorer. Us consumers have a very important role in this world of devastation and injustice. Choose your products carefully and consciously.
Become a conscious and ethical consumer, we can not let this unethical industry continue ruining lives and our planet.

Let us fuck fast fashion together

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I love making my own care products, the latest I´ve added to the list is homemade shampoo. You can find some good shampoo brands that do use very few ingredients, almost all natural and no animal testing, however making it myself gives me all of these including making it much cheaper and more environmental friendly.

The more I make myself the lest plastic is being wasted 

Mix all ingredients together in a glass jar, make sure you only add very little acid & the more castile soap the more foamy the shampoo turns out to be. I prefer using coconut cream, so the shampoo get a good thickness to it.

It usually last up to 3-4 weeks, so don´t make to much at a time

Good luck with your homemade shampoo

A week ago I was invited to come sailing in the harbour with a friend, which I said yes to. All though I did not  realise that we were actually going into a regatta or a sail boat race. Which to me would be slightly less appealing than a relaxing sail trip in the harbour. We had some really strong winds, some really step side turns, or whatever it is called, and there were more than a brief second I was reminded why I really dont like sailing that much. I was scared shitless to say it that way. No joke.


It also reminded me about how important it is to live a bit on the danger side, challenge yourself. I´m I challenging myself enough? It somehow seems a bit forgotten about from time to time. The adrenaline and relief I felt after the race, was amazing. A feeling I do not experience often enough. A feeling I want to feel more often.

The experience resulted in a beautiful sunset which made it even more worth the fear and the screaming.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone, we just got home, met up with friends, having dinner at our favourite burger place; Soul Burger ( best vegan burgers in the world)

What a busy week I´ve had; working, interning, blogging, yoga, boyfriend time, catching up with friends I have not seen in a long time. Uni has not even started yet, have a feeling this last term will be hectic. I´m also longing to finish this last three months of life here in Sydney, I´m ready to move on, start a new adventure, really all I can think about is being back in Asia sipping coconuts and having daily massage on the beach.

After a few days of cooler temperatures and some lovely rain, the weather turned on us again, back at about 30 degrees, but apparently it is going to be some stormy weather this weekend, which I´m kind of excited about, I just want a weekend where I do not have to do anything besides eat, watch films and series and drink red wine, heaps.

I´ve lived and worked abroad for 4 years now, a real eye-opening experience I´m very grateful for.

I´ve been in several situations I´ve never expected, experienced work ethics on its lowest, for western (Norwegian) standards. The jobs I´ve had here in Australia is everything from working in a pillow factory, a lime farm, cafes/ restaurants, volunteer work, internships,  modelling, extra work for tv-series and commercials and retail. Which have been a roller coaster of great experiences, unfortunate encounters, and opportunities.

If you every wonder if you wanna take a “gap year” or just leave and go somewhere new to work for a while? I do recommend it highly, but I also recommend you to be prepared to feel like a foreigner.

In my time spent here I´ve only had one or two decent manager, my favourite; she owns and managed a tea cafe I worked for off and on for almost  2 years, the other one owns the label I intern for. As a foreigner I´ve really got to experience terrible pay, terrible management with the most unprofessional business manners you can imagine. Coming from a place like Norway, you are used to the best of the best, so I guess for me being a Norwegian, my standards used to be extremely high, which they still are, I´ve just realised other peoples standards are not.

“My very first cafe job in Sydney, the manager asked me out on a date already the first week, I declined it politely, which then resulted in him taking almost all my shifts off the roaster and making it super awkward at work; I left after two weeks.”

“My very last experience was with my very last job, I worked in retail store for almost a year; I told my manager 5 months ahead that I´m leaving Sydney, as I believe being honest and upfront is the best way to act. Then I had a conversation with them asking if I could have some Sundays off before leaving. Instead of discussing the request with me like any decent manager would do, they just decided to fire me over a text message, with the excuse I was not committing to the job.”

What I´ve learnt from all these experiences, both good and bad; that I will never become one of them, and I will do all it takes to be a business owner. I will also go overseas to work and live again because I simply love the feeling of new challenges, new culture, new people and adventure. To me the experiences I´ve had, are worth so much more than money, experience is everything.

At the end of the day you should not let these people influence your happiness, do not let them win, you choose your happiness.

Hope you have a wonderful week so far


Hi Lovelies, hope you are having a fabulous weekend?

Sydney has been having a heatwave the last few days, so there is not much you can do here, besides sit inside with a fan or air con or simply just be in or near the water, with tons of sunscreen and protection.

Tomorrow my 30 day plastic free challenge is over, it has been so much fun, and I made a little videoblog for you guys, taking you with me to the shops, showing you how you can do plastic free shopping without killing your budget with expensive bulk food stores / specialty stores and with little change to your normal food shopping routines. The only few things I had to purchase in a bulk food store were rice, frozen fruits, and oats – as I could not find paper packed versions in the stores. There are also a few products you might not be able to find without plastic packaging like noodles, certain dips or soap.  For these products I make what I can make myself; like hummus and other dips, and then I do buy whatever I need and do not have the time / energy to make myself; tooth paste, noodles, liquid soap etc.


Have a amazing day beautiful people

Hi lovelies

Hope you are having a great week so far? Tell me, do you remember to take the time to pursue your passions?

I was reflecting over this question the other day, discussing it with my partner and listening to The Minimalists podcast, where they were also discussion the matter of making our passions a reality. (It is a great podcast, really recommend it)

So many people simply forget to pursue their passions, we focus on our jobs, careers, and set ourselves really high goals, but what is the point of all that if you do not have something that really makes you happy?

I´ve somehow managed to choose a career path towards something I´m passionate about, most people would probably think or say how can you ” waist so much time and money on a bachelor degree in fashion?” Or spend so much money on travelling? Or invest so much time in a blog that is not making any money? The truth is, investing time and money in something you have a real drive for is never a waist. I do not know what my future are going to be like, all I know is that so far I´ve decided to invest much time in things I´m passionate about, that is also what I want for my future.

As long as there is passion, there is drive

Hope you find the time to explore your own passions and that you are brave enough to chase your dreams.