Hi lovelies

Hope you are having a great week so far? Tell me, do you remember to take the time to pursue your passions?

I was reflecting over this question the other day, discussing it with my partner and listening to The Minimalists podcast, where they were also discussion the matter of making our passions a reality. (It is a great podcast, really recommend it)

So many people simply forget to pursue their passions, we focus on our jobs, careers, and set ourselves really high goals, but what is the point of all that if you do not have something that really makes you happy?

I´ve somehow managed to choose a career path towards something I´m passionate about, most people would probably think or say how can you ” waist so much time and money on a bachelor degree in fashion?” Or spend so much money on travelling? Or invest so much time in a blog that is not making any money? The truth is, investing time and money in something you have a real drive for is never a waist. I do not know what my future are going to be like, all I know is that so far I´ve decided to invest much time in things I´m passionate about, that is also what I want for my future.

As long as there is passion, there is drive

Hope you find the time to explore your own passions and that you are brave enough to chase your dreams.