I´ve lived and worked abroad for 4 years now, a real eye-opening experience I´m very grateful for.

I´ve been in several situations I´ve never expected, experienced work ethics on its lowest, for western (Norwegian) standards. The jobs I´ve had here in Australia is everything from working in a pillow factory, a lime farm, cafes/ restaurants, volunteer work, internships,  modelling, extra work for tv-series and commercials and retail. Which have been a roller coaster of great experiences, unfortunate encounters, and opportunities.

If you every wonder if you wanna take a “gap year” or just leave and go somewhere new to work for a while? I do recommend it highly, but I also recommend you to be prepared to feel like a foreigner.

In my time spent here I´ve only had one or two decent manager, my favourite; she owns and managed a tea cafe I worked for off and on for almost  2 years, the other one owns the label I intern for. As a foreigner I´ve really got to experience terrible pay, terrible management with the most unprofessional business manners you can imagine. Coming from a place like Norway, you are used to the best of the best, so I guess for me being a Norwegian, my standards used to be extremely high, which they still are, I´ve just realised other peoples standards are not.

“My very first cafe job in Sydney, the manager asked me out on a date already the first week, I declined it politely, which then resulted in him taking almost all my shifts off the roaster and making it super awkward at work; I left after two weeks.”

“My very last experience was with my very last job, I worked in retail store for almost a year; I told my manager 5 months ahead that I´m leaving Sydney, as I believe being honest and upfront is the best way to act. Then I had a conversation with them asking if I could have some Sundays off before leaving. Instead of discussing the request with me like any decent manager would do, they just decided to fire me over a text message, with the excuse I was not committing to the job.”

What I´ve learnt from all these experiences, both good and bad; that I will never become one of them, and I will do all it takes to be a business owner. I will also go overseas to work and live again because I simply love the feeling of new challenges, new culture, new people and adventure. To me the experiences I´ve had, are worth so much more than money, experience is everything.

At the end of the day you should not let these people influence your happiness, do not let them win, you choose your happiness.

Hope you have a wonderful week so far