A week ago I was invited to come sailing in the harbour with a friend, which I said yes to. All though I did not  realise that we were actually going into a regatta or a sail boat race. Which to me would be slightly less appealing than a relaxing sail trip in the harbour. We had some really strong winds, some really step side turns, or whatever it is called, and there were more than a brief second I was reminded why I really dont like sailing that much. I was scared shitless to say it that way. No joke.


It also reminded me about how important it is to live a bit on the danger side, challenge yourself. I´m I challenging myself enough? It somehow seems a bit forgotten about from time to time. The adrenaline and relief I felt after the race, was amazing. A feeling I do not experience often enough. A feeling I want to feel more often.

The experience resulted in a beautiful sunset which made it even more worth the fear and the screaming.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone, we just got home, met up with friends, having dinner at our favourite burger place; Soul Burger ( best vegan burgers in the world)