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Happy Monday everyone, hope you had a fabulous weekend, reminding yourself that you are gorgeous and perfect just the way you are!?

Something I´m really exited about lately, is that the focus on eating less meat and dairy are increasing, and vegetarian and vegan products are becoming much easier for consumer to purchase.  For those who do pay attention and care about global warming, you would already know that the agriculture industry is one of the worst industries for our planet and health. So eating more plant-based is really important, even if you do not wanna be a full time vegetarian or vegan, you should lower your meat consumption.

I´ve been vegetarian for over 4 years, and the last six months almost 100% vegan. Which means I barely would eat anything from animals. As a healthy confident lover of eating plant-based I thought I would share some key food products with you guys that I believe are essential to live healthy on a diet without meat. As I prefer my food to be as clean and unprocessed as possible I do not really have a lot of “fake meat” in my diet, however if you are slowly trying to adjust to a more plant based diet, I do really recommend that as a subside to meat.


All sort of beans, chick peas & lentils

Kale, broccoli  spinach & avocado

Couscous, brown rice, soba noodles & pasta

Good quality rye bread

   Oats, chia seeds, nuts and seeds

B12 tablets

Non dairy milk – oat milk is my favourite followed by almond


Also all other vegetables and fruits, I find it important to eat all sorts, to keep the food interesting and varied, to make sure you cover all areas of needed nutrition, also with the occasional vegetarian “meat” burger og sausages.

I know a lot of sceptics think you will not get enough nutrition living on a plant-based diet, that you get sick and are scared of changing your food habits. I can honestly say I´ve never had any problems with my health or with sickness the last 4,5 years. I have not lost or gained weight, but as I´ve always been small, I´ve made sure to eat more to maintain a healthy weight. I have not lacked of any thing, besides low on B12 for a little period, before I started taking tablets for that, apart from that I feel so AMAZINGLY HEALTHY.


A planet based diet increases your changes of not getting sick from; diabetes, heart and disease, several types of cancer, and help you stabiles your weight. 

Your food shopping becomes much cheaper or you can purchase much more food for the same price as when you would include meat in your purchases. 

Animal agriculture is responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, more than the combined exhaust from all transportation.   [i]





Have a lovely weekend everyone, hope you take the time to appreciate yourself your imperfections and perfections. Being proud and confident about who you are and how you look is so important to maintain a healthy happy life. I think we all feel a little bit lost and uncomfortable in this crazy world of unrealistic and unnatural goals, suffocating, forever seeking perfection in ourselves and everyone else? Remember you are perfect just the way you are, do not let anyone take that from you.

“We are all beautiful creatures,
embrace your beauty within yourself and let the your imperfections be.
Imperfections are beautiful”



All Photo credit: Jens Broers


Hope you have a wonderful loving “imperfect” weekend

Happy midweek everyone

December flew by so quickly, I never really had a change to look back an reflect on what was my favourite happenings from that month, as I´m not a Christmas person, and I were in a tropical climate anyway, it have definitely  not anything to do with christmas. Second, January is already past, something that makes me very exited for a couple of reasons;

The warmest time in Sydney is almost past, Sydney becomes way to warm at this time of year, already setting several heat records this year.. Just imagine how it will be in a few years if we keep denying global warming. Scary..


It is finally starting to become a reality that we are actually leaving Sydney for good, after 4-5 years in this city, it is time for a change.

December Favourites

End of uni term – Trip up the coast – Booking flights for the new chapter – Reading an inspiring Book

 January Favourites

  Vegan scones – National Park day trip -Drinks with my girls – Passenger concert



Hope you had a great January as well, either a wintery or a summery one