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I love exploring, adventure new challenges and activities, routine can be so deadly, so to keep up new challenges here and there is important to live a happy healthy life. This weekend we went out of Sydney, to a wakeboard park, which was great! I have not wake-boarded in years so I could feel the nerves and adrenaline the first couple of rounds, which is a great feeling. Such a fun day, out being active and doing something out of the normal.



Have a great week lovely people

I love a touch of feminine flair, over all my taste of dressing is feminine, bohemian with a dash of luxe and a teaspoon of bold. Being confident with your personal style gives your image a sense of completeness. Find your confidence and play with your personal style, have fun with it.

“I say dress to please yourself, listen to your inner muse and take a chance.
Wear something that says, I am here today. ”
– Iris Apfel



Have a lovely start to your week amazing people

I´m loving this empowering book I´m reading these days, it is called #GIRLBOSS.

It is the true story about Sophia Amoruso who started the fashion empire Nasty Gal from having nothing, being at the bottom of life, struggling to get by. Her story is real, honest and very inspiring. We all have a girlboss in us, we just have to let her out and when you do, you can become whatever you desire. I believe we all have to work our ass off, especially if we wanna start up our own business (and most people do not have a wealthy family who can give you whatever you need). Working hard and being a girlboss will pay off eventually, it is just a matter of patient. In the mean time, I will work hard to finish my bachelor degree as a Branded Fashion Designer, then a new journey can begin.

let us conquer the world, leave your mark, be a strong independent hard working #GIRLBOSS



Hope you manage to find your inner #GIRLBOSS one day

I was going through some old photos on my phone and mac, and came across this outfit I wore a while back. I was really happy with it, so I just decided to wear it again, exactly the same way, I mean if you feel great in something and love the way it looks. why not?!

 Living a sustainable lifestyle, I believe wearing my clothes over and over again with confidence is really important. I also want to inspire more people to see the value in what the already have in their lives. We constantly change and chase new materialistic items, they clog up our homes, hearts and minds.

I believe if I set my mind on really loving and appreciating everything I got, it makes me much happier and it also helps on the pressure of feeling like you constantly have to follow new trends and chase something new, as what I already have is cherished.




Hi lovely people, hope you had some well deserved rest this weekend, I´m feeling ready for a new week and have a few thoughts to share with you today.

The climate change issue is an extremely important challenge, that are affecting everyone. Maybe you don´t care, maybe you think I can´t save the world anyway, or maybe you are just a selfish prick who think that your lifestyle is more important than helping our planet survive. Hopefully you are more or less on the same page as I am. Finding ways to adjust your lifestyle, maybe you don´t want to shop less, but you understand the consequences of our extreme shop and throw culture, so you decide to stop or slow it down? Maybe you don´t want to stop eating meat, but you see the bigger picture, and gradually change your eating habits?

  The truth is, we all need to change.

I personally love fashion and shopping, I would probably want to buy almost everything that H&M has in store right now, but I do not. I personally can not purchase fast fashion like that anymore, I can´t justify it. it makes me sick to wear it, knowing the story behind it.

Instead I keep my clothes for years and years, I constantly go over my closet, give away the things that I know almost 100% are not being touched. I purchase about 10 – 15 new items a year, probably 80% from secondhand shops, as I do allow my self to purchase something new when I donate, If I find something. I also allow myself to buy something new if it is something I really need, or if I often feel like I´m missing that in my wardrobe.

I have also changed my mindset towards what I have, instead of “hating my clothes, there is nothing to wear” I see it with new fresh eyes, thinking “wow, there is so many opportunities here”. I honestly have stopped caring about the rule of you can not wear the same dress to a party, what bullshit is that. If you look and feel great, people compliment you? WHY would you not want to wear that dress again?

As a blogger, I try to do fashion posts once a week, it is absolutely on my mind; It has to look different,   don´t wear that dress again, its only 3 weeks since you took a photo of it last, I simply make sure there is a month or two between each time I would post the same top, skirt or dress, for a few reasons.


So it does not get boring and very “all the same”


Because after a month or two people will still remember you wore it, but it shows that you can wear the same clothes again and again, without being boring or getting bored.

Thank you for reading what I had on my mind today, hopefully we can all adjust our  lifestyles just a little.



Hope are having a wonderful Sunday, I´ve been enjoying my day off before a new intensive week starts.

Hi lovelies, just a quick hello from me, my week is just way to busy and I don´t have a day off until Wednesday next week, so will not be to much activity on the blog this week. Starting the week with interning, uni work leaving party for our best friends here in Sydney and the last two days have been working as an extra for an upcoming animated movie; Peter Rabbit. Being an extra can be so much fun, you meet new interesting people, you get to see how an actual movie, tv-series or commercial is coming alive, and sometimes meet the professional actors. For this movie we have been on set with an Holloywood actor, Domhnall Gleeson, so that was really fun!

This evening I´m doing some very last minute work on an assessment I have to print and present tomorrow morning. To keep me going I got this amazing chocolate from Loving Earth, which is 100% vegan and 100% delicious.

Thank you Loving Earth for getting me through this



Hope you are having an exiting week as well, much love from a tired lady

Hi lovelies, hope you have had a great weekend so far, preparing for a new week? Here comes a few snapshots from the last weeks, a few favourite photos.

 I have a long week ahead, with interning, two days  on set for an upcoming movie, three assessments/ presentations and some more work not to forget trying to make manage two yoga sessions and one high intensity session and our friends leaving dinner.  WOAAAHHHH.



Have a lovely Sunday gorgeous people

AHHH I love this fresh autumn weather we are starting to see here in Sydney, rainy windy stormy days, which makes me Europe-sick.. Hopefully we will get some more nice storms before we move. Wild weather is just so magical and relaxing. During stormy days we often head down to the beaches and watch the surfers and the wild ocean play. Even better when the weather is to crazy for the surfers to be out. It is magical, fresh and so beautiful. Love it when I can layer up, and wear my grandmothers vintage Burberry trench from the 60s.

Hope you are having a great weekend a head, I´m pretty booked out this weekend, work, bbq with some dear friends, much uni work that I would like to finish before a insanely busy week next week and hopefully some time to relax; at least my Friday night is spent on the sofa with a glass of red and some relaxing music.




Happy international woman´s day all amazing women out there

Today is the International Woman´s day, which means we should channel some extra time and energy towards empowering woman. This year´s campaign theme is #beboldforchange

Together we can all make small and big changes, being proud and bold feminists, and I don´t mean a feminist who step on top of men or feminist who believe woman are more worth than man. I mean a feminist who fight for their rights and fight for equality between men and woman.

I am a proud feminist who love having a man in my life, I also believe I am worthy on my own, and so are every woman out there. I´ve been lucky in my life, I´ve had everything I ever needed, I always had the opportunity to work and study and live an amazing life filled with opportunity. Unfortunately there are so many woman and men out there, who have not had or will never have a privileged life like mine.

As a woman, a feminist an individual and compassionate person I chose to share this message today, to help the #beboldforchange movement and to dedicate this post to all woman out there.

I have maybe not made a big change, but every little change is important, If you feel like doing something as well, share the message, join an event, tell all the woman in your life how important they are and find a trustworthy organisation and donate. I chose UN Woman organisation. You can donate to them HERE



I´m finishing the day with dinner and wine with some of the amazing woman I´ve had the great privilege of calling friends here in Sydney. They are amazing.

Hi guys! I´m in the middle of a really fun experiment, I´m dying my own fabrics for my graduate collection. Finding a good variation of organic natural fabrics here in Sydney, has been a bit of a challenge. I therefore decided to use the fabric I got, and re-dye it, to create more interesting combinations, and find some colours that work well together. So far I´ve only experimented with small samples of the fabric, so when I eventually find the right colours I will dye just what I need for each style.

For my dying project I will only use natural elements to create colour, so everything from tea, dried fruits, berries, leafs, flowers and food. The sustainability aspect is really important, so I do not wanna use any artificial dying techniques.

Doing home dying for the first time, there are so many techniques to learn, and when I´m back settled in Norway this summer, I will defiantly get more into it and do more experiments. Can´t wait to collect beautiful autumn leaves and experiment.



Much love to everyone, have a beautiful day