Hi guys! I´m in the middle of a really fun experiment, I´m dying my own fabrics for my graduate collection. Finding a good variation of organic natural fabrics here in Sydney, has been a bit of a challenge. I therefore decided to use the fabric I got, and re-dye it, to create more interesting combinations, and find some colours that work well together. So far I´ve only experimented with small samples of the fabric, so when I eventually find the right colours I will dye just what I need for each style.

For my dying project I will only use natural elements to create colour, so everything from tea, dried fruits, berries, leafs, flowers and food. The sustainability aspect is really important, so I do not wanna use any artificial dying techniques.

Doing home dying for the first time, there are so many techniques to learn, and when I´m back settled in Norway this summer, I will defiantly get more into it and do more experiments. Can´t wait to collect beautiful autumn leaves and experiment.



Much love to everyone, have a beautiful day