Happy international woman´s day all amazing women out there

Today is the International Woman´s day, which means we should channel some extra time and energy towards empowering woman. This year´s campaign theme is #beboldforchange

Together we can all make small and big changes, being proud and bold feminists, and I don´t mean a feminist who step on top of men or feminist who believe woman are more worth than man. I mean a feminist who fight for their rights and fight for equality between men and woman.

I am a proud feminist who love having a man in my life, I also believe I am worthy on my own, and so are every woman out there. I´ve been lucky in my life, I´ve had everything I ever needed, I always had the opportunity to work and study and live an amazing life filled with opportunity. Unfortunately there are so many woman and men out there, who have not had or will never have a privileged life like mine.

As a woman, a feminist an individual and compassionate person I chose to share this message today, to help the #beboldforchange movement and to dedicate this post to all woman out there.

I have maybe not made a big change, but every little change is important, If you feel like doing something as well, share the message, join an event, tell all the woman in your life how important they are and find a trustworthy organisation and donate. I chose UN Woman organisation. You can donate to them HERE



I´m finishing the day with dinner and wine with some of the amazing woman I´ve had the great privilege of calling friends here in Sydney. They are amazing.