Hi lovely people, hope you had some well deserved rest this weekend, I´m feeling ready for a new week and have a few thoughts to share with you today.

The climate change issue is an extremely important challenge, that are affecting everyone. Maybe you don´t care, maybe you think I can´t save the world anyway, or maybe you are just a selfish prick who think that your lifestyle is more important than helping our planet survive. Hopefully you are more or less on the same page as I am. Finding ways to adjust your lifestyle, maybe you don´t want to shop less, but you understand the consequences of our extreme shop and throw culture, so you decide to stop or slow it down? Maybe you don´t want to stop eating meat, but you see the bigger picture, and gradually change your eating habits?

  The truth is, we all need to change.

I personally love fashion and shopping, I would probably want to buy almost everything that H&M has in store right now, but I do not. I personally can not purchase fast fashion like that anymore, I can´t justify it. it makes me sick to wear it, knowing the story behind it.

Instead I keep my clothes for years and years, I constantly go over my closet, give away the things that I know almost 100% are not being touched. I purchase about 10 – 15 new items a year, probably 80% from secondhand shops, as I do allow my self to purchase something new when I donate, If I find something. I also allow myself to buy something new if it is something I really need, or if I often feel like I´m missing that in my wardrobe.

I have also changed my mindset towards what I have, instead of “hating my clothes, there is nothing to wear” I see it with new fresh eyes, thinking “wow, there is so many opportunities here”. I honestly have stopped caring about the rule of you can not wear the same dress to a party, what bullshit is that. If you look and feel great, people compliment you? WHY would you not want to wear that dress again?

As a blogger, I try to do fashion posts once a week, it is absolutely on my mind; It has to look different,   don´t wear that dress again, its only 3 weeks since you took a photo of it last, I simply make sure there is a month or two between each time I would post the same top, skirt or dress, for a few reasons.


So it does not get boring and very “all the same”


Because after a month or two people will still remember you wore it, but it shows that you can wear the same clothes again and again, without being boring or getting bored.

Thank you for reading what I had on my mind today, hopefully we can all adjust our  lifestyles just a little.



Hope are having a wonderful Sunday, I´ve been enjoying my day off before a new intensive week starts.