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Hello Lovelies

We found a great jungle eco resort on our trip the the Khao Sok National Park, that I thought worth sharing with you guys. Lowering in your impact on holiday or travel can be done very easily; taking busses or trains instead of flights, minivans instead of private taxies. Buying big bottles of water refilling your small one or staying at eco lodges / resorts. These are some easy steps to take.


it was a beautiful jungle resort, just on a lovely little river surrounded by amazing limestone, wildlife and jungle. 80% of the property is undeveloped. All the huts are build of natural material, no aircon, free drinking water on 15l bottles for all guests to use and mostly local produce for the restaurant.

Choosing eco lodges lowers your impact when you are travelling, and it can also be a really amazing experience, feeling “one with nature”.







If you love being surrounded by green lush tropical nature as much as I do, Khao Sok National Park should be a must see if you are going to Thailand anytime soon. It is absolutely stunning, despite the crazy rain and humidity.

We stayed in a jungle eco lodge just on the lake, little bamboo huts and tree houses, surrounded by untouched jungle, monkeys, snakes, massive frogs and other jungle life. Despite a lot of rain we did several jungle activities.

night jungle walk – river swimming – day trip trekking, kayaking & hot springs  – river tubing






Love from the rainforest


If you have been to Asia before, or are planning on going, the elephant experience is probably high on your list of activities to do. Before you explore elephants in Asia, you should be aware that this is a very “dirty” industry where most places are not treating the elephants any good, unfortunately the demand from tourists are so high, that this places keep racing unhappy miss-treated elephants. It might look like they are “happy” they are overall not. Thankfully there are several sanctuaries through out Thailand that take care of miss-treated, sick or old elephants, we went to an ethical sanctuary here in Phuket, and it made me happy to see happy elephants.


Hi lovelies, this trip of mine have been non stop the last two weeks, so I finally managed to take some time to sit down a update the blog, I guess it is a combination of enjoying travelling to much, pore internet and laziness that makes it harder to keep up to date.

The last 10 days we have made our way from Krabi (mainland) to the famous Phi Phi Islands and Koh Lanta. Krabi is a good spot to make your way out to the beautiful Islands of the Andaman sea, some of the best snorkelling in Thailand, a few days on mainland including some day trips we went to Phi Phi. My friend from Norway came to meet us in Krabi, so it as been a bit more night activity for us the last weeks, which Phi Phi is great for. The party never stops, fun for a few nights, but it is very commercial, even in the low season. Koh Lanta was very nice a calm, which was perfect after some busy days on Phi Phi, just exploring the Island by scooters. We are slowly making our way back to Bangkok, a few more exiting stops on the way.











LoveStories, a small boutique label, making lingerie and swimwear. My ruffle spotted bathing suit is just perfect as a body top/suit with shorts or a skirt and always a great standout piece for the beach / resort / beach party or any other occasion that requires an awesome swimsuit.



Check out there amazing collections here








Much love from Thailand


We are in Krabi on our way to Koh Lanta and several other little islands further south of Thailand.

We made our way to Koh Chang with bus from Cambodia, followed by mini van, tuktuk another tuktuk ferry and then a final tuktuk to our resort. Koh Chang is very hilly and green, with many waterfalls for you to discover. However Koh Chang and the north of Thailand has the most rain during rain season, so we experienced some crazy weather the last few days.

On Koh Chang you are best off getting a motorbike and go explore the island on your own, much more fun and much more affordable than taxi cars. We went to see two different waterfalls during our four days on the island, due to the rain the waterfalls are absolutely best this time of year.

Hi Lovelies

I’m currently travelling a bit of South East Asia, Cambodia, Thailand and maybe Vietnam, all three amazing countries with loads of culture and beautiful things to see and do. All though we are out and about a lot, we also spend some hours on the beach, swimming, reading, usual beach activities. Though it is rain season, and a bit more cloudy, you still get UV damage and sunburnt if you don’t watch out.

Sunscreen can be a saviour but also a killer, unfortunately almost all the big brands that produce sunscreen today are full of nasty chemicals, that can actually cause more damage to your health and skin, than by not using protection. I think this is such a shame, as the the whole point of protection yourself is then gone..

Thankfully there are some safer brands out there, you might have to pay a little bit more, but at least your skin is safe, which is what should come first.

The brands that I choose to use are also not tested on animals which is one of the first things I look for for when buying products.

Another part of my sun safe routine is taking extra care of my hair and face, using a good quality hair oil everyday and a good quality face oil.

Hope you are taking some measures when you are out playing in the sun beautiful people



Good morning from Thailand, Koh Chang.

The last week has been spent in the capital of Cambodia; Phnom Penh and a small remote Island called Koh Rong Samloem, we made it to Koh Chang in Thailand last night, after 12h of travelling on bus- mini bus – tuktuk – ferry and another tuktuk, finally arriving at the hotel.



Phnom Penh turned out to be nicer than expected, it is a bit of a busy big city, as Cambodia is a pore country, you can also see this in the quality of buildings, rubbish everywhere, and general lifestyle, however I liked it much more than expected. We visited the S21 prison and the killing fields, killing fields are located all around Cambodia, but the biggest one is the one in the capital. It is a really devastating part of newer Cambodian history, it is a must do when going to Cambodia.



Koh Rong Samloem was a really nice little Island, pretty empty, as it it low season now. Despite that we had really nice weather, just enjoyed laid back island life for a few days, doing nothing. I did really like the island, however I do prefer the islands of Thailand.