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I´m heading off to Holland for 10 days, after some amazing time spent with friends and family at home, and a few amazing days in the Norwegian mountains with my Australian friend Meg.

Next few weeks will be spent with Jens, his friends and family exploring parts of Holland. Will update the blog when I´m back in Norway, til then enjoy your summer days .

My peaceful home





Happy weekend lovelies

A few weeks ago I was asked by a online lifestyle woman´s magazine; Ourwomanhood + Co. if they could do an interview with me, About my travels, eco conscious mindset and lifestyle. It was posted just a few days ago and it look amazing. So happy with the way Jasmine shaped the interview, and it really feels great to be apart of a community of great likeminded people.

“Our Womanhood + Co. is an interview-driven lifestyle brand with a luxury angle for confident, philanthropic-minded women. Our focus is on womanhood; philanthropy and community service; bath and beauty; travel; art; and music. Our company not only focuses on women empowerment, but has expanded into offering our exclusive luxury bath and beauty subscription box, and other high-quality individual items sold separately”



Read the whole interview HERE and check out some of the other interviews they´ve conducted.





enjoy your weekend


Good summer to you all from my sweet little hometown Larvik. Larvik and Stavern are two magical spots during summer, with one of the summer highlights just passed; the yearly Stavern Festival, a three day music and social festival. It is a tradition amongst my friends, great to be back joining the tradition.

A already shared a few social pictures from the festival days so I wanted to share my outfits with you guys too. Due to moving and travelling my clothes are very limited, but I guess you can get away with a lot during a festival. Therefor my festival looks have been a bit depended on my temporary limited closet, it also made it a bit of a challenge, which is always fun.

Skirt – Bought at my old work in Sydney

Top – For Love and Lemons

Sneakers – my sisters Converce 


Top 1 – Vintage

Top 2 – Vintage

Pant – Vintage

Jumper – My stepdads

Choker – Old broken belt

Top – Holiday

Pant – Vintage

Jacket – Mum´s denim jacket

Bag – Vintage Celine

Necklace – Fairtrade shop





Holla friends

The weekend is almost passed and it has been spent amazingly well. My home town have a big summer festival every year; called Stavernfestivalen. It is a tradition amongst my friends to have big pre-parties before the festival, so that means three days of sun, drinks, music and festival. I have not been since 2014, so this year, being back, it was amazing.


The festival have become much bigger over the last three years, so it was a bit different than what I remember from the previous years, a bit more chaotic and crowded all though it was still well organised, only a few little things that could have been better.

( sorry for bad image quality, only had phone camera with me over the weekend)





Please follow on







I´ve finally made it home, 4,5 years later; one amazing boyfriend, a great adventure, a degree and so much life experience that I´m so grateful for.

it has been 1,5 years since I was home last. and 2 years since my last summer in Norway. That is to long, all though this time I´m not planning on leaving anytime soon. It is both strange and good to be home again, especially knowing I´m starting a new chapter of my life here, hopefully a different but exiting adventure.