Happy weekend lovelies

A few weeks ago I was asked by a online lifestyle woman´s magazine; Ourwomanhood + Co. if they could do an interview with me, About my travels, eco conscious mindset and lifestyle. It was posted just a few days ago and it look amazing. So happy with the way Jasmine shaped the interview, and it really feels great to be apart of a community of great likeminded people.

“Our Womanhood + Co. is an interview-driven lifestyle brand with a luxury angle for confident, philanthropic-minded women. Our focus is on womanhood; philanthropy and community service; bath and beauty; travel; art; and music. Our company not only focuses on women empowerment, but has expanded into offering our exclusive luxury bath and beauty subscription box, and other high-quality individual items sold separately”



Read the whole interview HERE and check out some of the other interviews they´ve conducted.





enjoy your weekend