Hope you are having a lovely start to your weekend? We have been back and forth to Oslo this week again, as we are in the middle of applying for jobs, interviews and apartment hunting.
This trip from Wednesday to Thursday were a combination of all three, also including helping out during Vanessa Rudjord x ByMagMaLou´s runway show, which was a lot of fun, and I received a nice little
goodie-bag as a thanks for helping out.






We also saw three apartments, one that we liked a lot, so we are making up our mind this weekend if we are going for it. We still dont have jobs, it is a bit of a risk moving in already, but it is also becoming a bit exhausting going back and forth from Larvik several times a week. This apartment was just perfect. I also have a few interviews which is making it more exiting going forward. Back in Larvik again for the weekend, joining a family party and catching up with some friends, just enjoying the calm small city life, cant complain with a view like this.