Hi lovely people, it has been a really difficult past couple of days… My amazing grandmother have been struggling with cancer for a few years, and this summer she got really sick, very sudden. It has been a tough two months, of her being in the hospital, not getting any better. Saturday evening her body gave up and she passed away. Thankfully my grandpa was there with her. It is going to be a tough time, after being so much away the last years, I was so happy to finally be home, ready to spend more precious time with her.. It is hard to accept, someone you had such a close relationship with, all the memories, and now there will not be anymore.

I´m so sad, and I´m not yet ready to accept the reality, all though I have to be happy that she is no longer suffering, cause being stuck in a hospital bed is no life worth living.


Thank you for all the love and comfort.
Thank you for all the joy and laughs.
Thank you for all support.
Thank you for all the trips.
Thank you for all the love.



I´ll try to keep updating a few times a week as usual, all though I´m taking a day at a time. We are also moving into Oslo this weekend, so it is a lot happening at the same time.