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Hi lovelies, weekend is here again. I´m going home this weekend, spending some time with my family.
Now that I´m settled, and I got more space, I´ve taken my sewing machine out, and started on some projects. Only small once, as sewing is my least favourite part of the design process. Having that said, I do like visualising, creating & making. So when I get in the mood, it is really nice. Also seeing the result is great.


This week I´ve taken the sleeves off a linen blouse, which made it it a bit more cool. (it is a summer blouse, so wont wear it until next year) Then I found some pieces of a cool vintage fabric that I have, and a knitted top (used to be part of a dress) and made it into a new top. I love combing different textured fabrics and colours. So this top is really my style. As the back of it is short / open it will be cool with a high waisted skirt or pants.










Hope your week is going all right? We have almost been living in Oslo for two weeks now, so are getting into routines. I thought I should give you a small update on what is going and will happen the next coming months.


We are renting a really nice “half basement” apartment close to Ekeberg. As we came to Norway with basically nothing, we decided to rent a furnished place for the beginning, as we dont know yet what is going to happen next.



I´m starting working for local owned boutique called Kiman Woman, which distributes many Scandinavian labels, like; IBEN, DAY and Baum & Pferdgarten and many more.



I´m starting a design / marketing internship with a small Oslo label called By MagMaLou, I love working with small labels, especially a local one as well. It is great getting back into a good work habit.



 Living a bit out of the city, surrounded by several great walking areas makes me so happy. Looking forward to discover my new area.


Signing up for yoga is next on the list, when I get my weekly work schedule organised.








Enjoy the rest of your week guys x



Hi lovelies

Hope you are having a good week? We are getting settled in Oslo, so all little things need to be done and we both had our first days at new jobs, getting used to new routines, work and autumn weather…




All though summer and light clothes are great, I do love it when the crisp autumn air strikes, and you can find all your woollen sweaters and over sized jackets and scarfs. Layer up with all you got.

Homemade knits are the best, and just before my grandmother got really sick she finished a new jumper for me. Those homemade knitted jumpers are gold worth, and I love the soft wool on my skin, knowing it has been made by one of my favourite people. This was the last thing she knitted, before passing. So it will have some extra value to me.




I love wearing simple accessories with knits, usually always my favourite watch in golden tones, a necklace sitting around the collar bone or at chest hight.






Hi lovelies, hope your week is going all right? We´ve almost been in Oslo a week already, and we are both starting work next week which is very exiting. As I´m having a bit off a though time, it feels good that things are falling into place and I know my grandma would have been very proud.






This week I met up with a good friend of mine, Charlotte. Who have just moved back to Oslo after living in Paris for a while. She and I share the same interest in blogging, social media and fashion. So it is great to meet up, talk and help each other take photos for our blogs and social media. So much more fun when you have a friend with the same interest.













Autumn is defiantly here, and I´m exiting to experience my first nordic autumn in five years. Going into a new season, I like setting some goals for the coming months. Setting goals makes your everyday life a bit more exiting and helps you stay on top of everything.



Spend time exploring Oslo, all though Oslo is pretty much the same as the last time I lived here. I have a different perspective on life and new interests. So exploring sides of Oslo that meets my interests is high on the list. 


As always, exercise is important. the last few months have been very out of rhythm, so it is a goal to get back into good exercise habits again. 


Spend more time with my family. 


Keep my focus on work and internship, growing and challenge myself. 


What are your goals for this coming season?








Hi lovelies, it has been a long time since I´ve done monthly updates, as it has been a lot of travelling, moving and life changing events, I fell out of rhythm with that. All though August ended with grief and heartbreak, I still want to focus on the positives, life is to short. I also believe you are allowed to be sad and happy at the same time.




– I got to see my grandmother at home a few times before she ended up in the hospital –



– The Stavern Festival with all my lovely friends –



– Visit from Australia & going to Holland –




– Two amazing mountain trips with great hikes –



– Volunteering during Oslo Runway –



– The last time I went to see my grandmother in the hospital. I did not expect it to be the last, but that is life. Unpredictable. So I have to treasure that moment –