Hi lovelies, weekend is here again. I´m going home this weekend, spending some time with my family.
Now that I´m settled, and I got more space, I´ve taken my sewing machine out, and started on some projects. Only small once, as sewing is my least favourite part of the design process. Having that said, I do like visualising, creating & making. So when I get in the mood, it is really nice. Also seeing the result is great.


This week I´ve taken the sleeves off a linen blouse, which made it it a bit more cool. (it is a summer blouse, so wont wear it until next year) Then I found some pieces of a cool vintage fabric that I have, and a knitted top (used to be part of a dress) and made it into a new top. I love combing different textured fabrics and colours. So this top is really my style. As the back of it is short / open it will be cool with a high waisted skirt or pants.