Weekend is over again, almost a shame how quickly they pass by. I´m working this afternoon, so spending my morning doing yoga and updating the blog.
This weekend was a quite one, starting with a beautiful walk Saturday morning, then spending a few hours in the city. There is a “ECO WEEK OSLO ” happening, so there was a huge farmers market down by the harbour. All the different stands, had food and drink samples for everyone to try, and you could purchase their specialty products for a good price.

 – Saturday walk around Østensjø –

– Attending the farm markets in collaboration with the ECO WEEK OSLO –

– Baker Hansen ( a Norwegian bakery/cafe chain) has started using oatmylk instead of soy, so I´m sooo exited about that. Oatmylk is just hundre times better than soy, and it is also healthier. –


Sunday was a combination of cleaning the apartment and getting out of the house. We walked down to Nordstrand beach area, only a 35 min walk from us, brought some fire wood, veggie sausages and enjoyed a few hours outside. The weather were so so this weekend, but still good to get out. Love that we have so many green spots around us.


– Having a little bbq at the beach, with the tastiest veggie sausages I´ve ever tried, you get them at coop stores around Norway. –




Hope you have a good week ahead, I´m working, doing internship, catching up with a friend, going home to help my grandad for a day and then Jens and I have our good friends Zoe and Mauro coming to visit us. They are also moving back to Europe from Sydney, so we are so exited to see them again.