Hi lovelies,

I´m having a day off today, which have been pretty productive actually. I´ve been out on a really nice long walk, stopping buy our local mall to get a few things needed for our apartment. Signing important petitions and researched a few things I will update you on later. I also did yoga and now eating a healthy noodle salad while updating the blog.



I´ve been so lucky to have my mums old jacket from the 80s. A beautiful suede lamb wool jacket, that is still in great condition. Most of you probably know my stands when it comes to animal products. So I only choose to purchase secondhand / vintage leather products, and in this case it was either my mum giving me her old jacket or it going to a market or someone else. It is important to me to be clear with my beliefs and decisions in this matter.


Appreciate all the living things you are surrounded by.

“If you truly love nature,
you will find beauty everywhere.”

-Vincent Van Gogh