I´ve been back in Norway for a little while now, and I´ve started noticing certain things that is different from my lifestyle in Sydney to here in Oslo. Therefore I figured Ill make a little comparison/likes/dislikes from each city. Everywhere has its ups and downs, somehow you cant have it all in one place. Probably one of the reasons we all crave change and adventure? Me personally are to restless to just be settled in one place, I already know that even though I love my country, I will not live here for the rest of my life. I would like to have it as a base, eventually buy property, then venture out to new places.


The beaches, I do really miss the amazing beaches just a minute away..

All the great health cafes around

Affordable to go out have dinner and get drunk, without pre-drinking

The beautiful harbour

Almost no unnecessary plastic wrapping


The insane heatwaves during the summer

Peoples work ethics, not very impressive

Public transport, so so…

Bad quality on apartments & houses



All the amazing nature so close by

Good public transport system

Having friends and family close by again

A intimate city vibe

Best living standards


Junkies and gypsies everywhere, government should organise this better

Food and drinks are so expensive

People still thinks it is all right to wear fur, disgusting and shameful…

WAY TO MUCH PLASTIC, I´m still in shock over the amount of plastic people are using here..


Over all Sydney lifestyle and Oslo lifestyle are quite different, but they both have great qualities, no doubt Sydney will always have an important place in my heart. Maybe one day Ill go and live there again, even if only for a short while.