Hey Monday

I was loving the gloomy weather yesterday, sometimes it is nice to have a complete indoor chill Sunday, without feeling bad about not leaving the house.
After two days of going through my grandmas personal things, which have been nice but also a bit sad… It was good to just have this type of Sunday.


As a blogger and social media person, I use social media quite often. Instagram being my social media hang-up and favourite platform. I find it important to find your style and have a continues look. Having a type of red thread, will make your Instagram look much better as complete “lookbook”.

I use VSCO for editing, always using the same filter. Using the same filter will make your photos more similar and give them more of the same feel.
I use C1, then depending on the colour in the photo, I will turn the vibrant a bit down to 7 or 8.
Then I turn the saturation down as well. Usually -1 or -2.

My Instagram style is a combination of travel/nature photos and outfit photos. Creating each row into a story that belong together. I choose to focus on this as nature, travel and ethical fashion are my most common blog themes as well, so the blog and Instagram work well together.



My last Instagram posts


( the story/row is not complete at the moment)