Half way through the week, it has overall been work, exercise and adjusting to the cold weather and the shorter days. I have a feeling it will be along winter, I can´t remember what a real winter feels like.
Think it will be a bit of a challenge.




As I have not really lived through a winter in five years, I dont have that many winter clothes anymore. I do have some quality clothes and shoes, but not enough for these long winters we face here in the north. Therefore I´m slowly going to build up a sustainable autumn & winter wardrobe.
Purchasing clothes from mindful brands, with high quality fabrics and my favourite; finding secondhand/vintage treasures.

– New In for a autumn & winter wardrobe –



Knit and scarf are both from Norwegian brand Arnie Says, who are very focused on using high quality natural fabrics and high standard production in Europe. (Knit was given as a gift at work.)