A new week starting off with amazing sunshine and fresh air.
I´m off today so started the week with a good walk with one of my really good friends around a lake in our neighbourhood then cleaning, listening to podcasts and planning blog posts and planning the week.




A few weeks ago we started going through my grandmas clothes, so there were a lot of really beautiful and good quality vintage garments that we have decided to keep. Most of it is still at my mums house, as we have decided to pick a few things at a time, dividing between my sister, my mum and I. So I only brought a couple of pieces with me to Oslo last time I was home, including a really beautiful leather skirt and an awesome vintage set; a skirt and jumper.

Vintage and inherited clothes are in my opinion hundred times better than buying new clothes. it has a story to tell, quality is very often much better, as the fashion industry today is not focused on quality and it is so much better for our environment.