Hi lovelies, hope you are having a good week. I´m soon off to work, then heading home to Larvik later this evening, as I´m going to our little cabin in the mountains this weekend.

Fresh mountains air, smell of firewood burning & quality time with family 



It is time for my November eco tip and I´m really exited to share eco products, tips and simple lifestyle adjustments with you guys. I know most people are not willing to turn their life upside down to become a environmentalist, so therefore I´m not going to share any absurd crazy lifestyle changes ideas with you guys, just simple everyday adjustments.


Cleaning products is something we use everyday, and most people might not even think much off it. They stick to what they know and might not even be aware of all the nasty chemicals to be found in our everyday cleaning supplies. So next time you need new cleaning products look for a brand that has the planet in mind. I recently discovered Klar, which can actually be found in the normal super market here in Norway, they are at a very good price & they are vegan.

Keeping our planet, humans and animal in mind does not have to cost a fortune. 

We only have planet, so start choosing wisely today