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Just checking in to say happy weekend to everyone, hope you are having a good one.


I´m home this weekend, celebrating my grandpas birthday, I got yesterday off and working late Monday, so I got a nice long weekend at home, which is great. Friday I did yoga at my mums work  as they have their own personal gym at the office, then having dinner at my grandpas place. Today we are having dinner out, good to spend some quality time together and with my gorgeous cat Mango.





The last week has been pretty cold, windy and it has been snowing as well, so I´ve joined the “parkas community”. I always prefer wearing nice coats and jackets, but sometimes you just have to give in for keeping warm and comfortable.  I had a good winter parkas from Fjellreven, but I were wanting something even bigger and longer. I found the perfect one from a Scandinavian brand called Samsøe Samsøe, no leather details and no down.


I sold my old jacket, and invested in a new one, as I would not see the point in having two almost identical jackets for the same use, so someone esle can be happy with my old jacket is perfect.


Fairytale World 
Magical Looking






Hi lovelies, it is Monday. Almost half way through December and all though I dont really care to much for christmas, I am going to spend my days off with my family in Larvik. I´m working until the 23rd, so I do not have much time this year preparing food and I dont wanna put to much pressure on my mum either.

I therefor did some research, as it is going to be 3 days of family time and food, I wanted to eat something a bit different than usual. I did some research and found the perfect answer to my food dilemma.

The vegan christmas food box from www.veganermat.no
(only available here in Norway)

It covers everything you need for a tasty, easy and cruelty free christmas dinner & brunch. Perfect if you are after a little different food this christmas or you simply wanna add some more healthy plant based food to your dinner table.  










Christmas is just around the corner, the time of year when people spend ridiculous amounts of money on things most people do not need. It starts with the christmas calendar, one gift for each day counting down to christmas eve. I personally is not a tradition type of person, and specially traditions involving buying is something I try to not participate in.


I´ve decided to not do any christmas calendar this year, simply because I prefer spending that money on important things, rather give to charity, spend money on experiences together with your partner our family/ friends. 






Hi lovelies, winter is here, and it is still a long time to go until spring time. Winter here in the north is very long, dark and from time to time moody, way worse than I actually could remember.
Therefore I see the importance of setting goals, which will help keep my motivation up and somehow pull me through during moody periods.


I´ve decided that winter time requires less goals than the other seasons, as the season is much more challenging for you, so instead of focusing on to many goals, focus on a few and really work towards them.



Do yoga three times a week, sign up for yoga classes at a yoga studio after christmas & meditate 3 times a week.

On my days off  really listen to my body giving it the nurture it needs & get at to see some day light and breath fresh air, even if it is only for a little bit.

Save a decided amount of money, as I do have a goal for the next year, that I´m not going to share until I´m sure I will be able to do it.



If you like me, find the winter long and daunting set yourself some goals including one that is at the end of the winter, it can be rewarding yourself to something you really want to to, see or need. Then  you have something to work towards and you can see yourself getting closer to the goal, especially on difficult days.






usually I do a “Favourite moments of the month” post every month, but to be honest I really dont feel that there is much to write about for November… I have been going through my first real autumn / winter in five years, it has really taken the energy out of me completely, pulling me deep down.

I know it is a saying that here in Norway you get slightly depressed during winter, all though I have never really experienced it myself, until now. It has been really though for me to move back home, adapting back to “Norwegian habits”. I almost feel like an immigrant in my own country, which is a bit of a strange and weird feeling.


Dealing with all the changes, then especially the weather it has not been an easy month and there is still a long way until spring. I´m trying to deal with as good as I can, therefore I decided to share it on the blog, it feels better writing it down for some reason.


I tell myself there is something to be happy about everyday

I get out to see the little bit of sun that I can when I have the time

I eat food that makes me feel good

I do yoga & meditate

I`m trying to make plans / something to look forward too