usually I do a “Favourite moments of the month” post every month, but to be honest I really dont feel that there is much to write about for November… I have been going through my first real autumn / winter in five years, it has really taken the energy out of me completely, pulling me deep down.

I know it is a saying that here in Norway you get slightly depressed during winter, all though I have never really experienced it myself, until now. It has been really though for me to move back home, adapting back to “Norwegian habits”. I almost feel like an immigrant in my own country, which is a bit of a strange and weird feeling.


Dealing with all the changes, then especially the weather it has not been an easy month and there is still a long way until spring. I´m trying to deal with as good as I can, therefore I decided to share it on the blog, it feels better writing it down for some reason.


I tell myself there is something to be happy about everyday

I get out to see the little bit of sun that I can when I have the time

I eat food that makes me feel good

I do yoga & meditate

I`m trying to make plans / something to look forward too