The end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 have so far been the toughest and most challenging time I can remember to ever have experienced. Growing up is not always fun and easy, sometimes you have to make huge sacrifices and life changing decision. Moving to Norway gave my partner and I new challenges to face, it thought us more about each other and ourselves in both good and also bad ways. Unfortunately did we have to make a heartbreaking decision to go or own ways, we both love each other so much, but simply want very different things in the future. It is so heartbreaking deciding to leave the person you trust the most and have so much love for, because you want that person to be the happiest he can. I thought I could give him that happiness, but the way I see my life take form I can not be that person.

It breaks my heart. It kills me. I feel so empty and hollow. But still I know somewhere, deep inside that we have made the right decision to give each other the freedom to become as happy as we both deserve. Everything happens for a reason, my time with you have been amazing, I cherish every moment of it.

 Love you long time