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if there is one thing I´m pretty sick of hearing is that ” ah pore you, you cant eat chocolate anymore!?” First of all, the main ingredients in chocolate comes from the cocoa bean, which is a plant. Yes a plant. So making chocolate without diary products is super easy. Second of all, I can eat any chocolate I please, but I choose not too. It is not because I can´t. Being vegan is thankfully becoming easier and cheaper, as the demand is rising, so finding amazing delicious chocolate is not an issue anymore.

My two favourite brands that I´ve tried so far, is the brand called Loving Earth, which is so creamy and delicious not to forget the packaging is just so pretty. Second is a Norwegian brand called Berits, which have a coconut one and raspberry one, both so tasty.

The best part, you dont even have to be vegan to love these chocolates 





Sharing coffees and wine with  likeminded souls is always good remedy for anything. Taking photos, stalking insanely handsome surfers on Instagram, being single together. Seeing the world a little differently than most & choosing paths out of the ordinary.  Following our hearts instead of following the “smart choices”, which society expects of us.


Why be ordinary when you can go for extraordinary?



– Wearing all vintage, because vintage is the future, it is unique, it is better for everyone & our planet –





Breathe in……. and out. Through your nostrils.
Doing yoga is not only good for your body strength and flexibility but it is also strengthening your mind and soul. I started a yoga challenge right after the break up, which have really helped me find new strength and move forward during very difficult times. Doing yoga everyday, following the program makes the exercise much easier to complete, because you feel like you owe it to the yoga teacher to show up on your math every day. It might sound strange, as I´m “just” following a 30 day challenge via youtube, so she cant actually see me or know if I´m doing my practise. But somehow yoga practise really makes you feel a real connection and commitment, especially when you start noticing the difference in your body and mind.


Check out the 30 day yoga challenge with Adriene




Having something to commit fully to can be really challenging and difficult, so it is a great opportunity to improve your level of commitment.  

Connecting with your mind and body on a new level. 

Building new strength and flexibility.

Increasing your energy levels  &  boosting your mind. 





I´m pretty sure I´ve become really bad at dealing with winters, but one thing I do LOVE about real winters are going into the mountains, driving through the most amazing landscape. It is fairy-tale like, magical and mysterious. This weekend a group of my friends and I spent our time drinking to many glasses of wine, watching the snow playing up all crazy around us, doing a very short cross country trip, just to feel the cold wind on or cheeks. Followed by more wine, burning wood and slow-mood at my friends cabin.




Allow yourself to be absence when you really need it, just listen to the signals your mind and body are trying to give, if you dont you are bound to hit a brick wall at one point. I do feel better when I get to be creative and work on my blog, so even though I take breaks when I have to, I do feel the craving for being back at it, very quickly.

February is already in full bloom, so time to share another monthly eco tip with you lovely people. I started brusing with bamboo toothbrush a while ago, they have even started selling them in the normal grocery store here in Norway, which is great. They do not cost a fortune, they are much much better for the environment and I personally think it looks nicer than a ugly plastic toothbrush. I have also become much more aware of only bying products not tested on animals or with any animal by-products in it, as I have made a transition to be 10% vegan. The fairy floss tooth powder from Lush Cosmetics is also on my eco tip for February, together they make a hell of a team.

Brush with the planet in mind 




Jens left Norway yesterday, I moved all my things out of the apartment we had together here in Oslo, all empty. Strange feeling, leaving it alone.

Moving. Organising. Dealing with to many emotions. Work. Finding peace. Saying goodbye. Crying. Being independent. Feeling lost. Feeling everything  & nothing.  

My emotions are a roller coster with no left over energy for good blog post or social media updates. There is a big cloud hanging over me right now, so hopefully in a few days I will feel lighter and more at ease.