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The first half of the easter days were spent in our little cabin with my mum & brother, enjoying amazing weather with amazing mountain views. Sipping rose in front of a bon-fire and the sun warming your face, while the air is still frisk. We did two days of cross country skiing, which I´ve grown to enjoy more, as long as the weather is good. I simply take it as an exercise with the opportunity of taking beautiful photos along the way & taking in the amazing views. As I´m flying off to Indonesia soon, this was my last chance of skiing and being in the snowy mountains for this season, I really appreciated it as I´m not planning on spending much of the winter here next year.

Mountains and ocean are two simple joy´s I can not live without

Today we came home to Larvik, so I get to spend a few days by the ocean as well, so hoping the weather stays like this I cant complain, it is amazing.






My yoga trip to Indonesia is coming closer and I´m trying to prepare mentally, physically and materialistically. I always try to support buying secondhand, so for my trip to Indonesia I have purchased a few new things, but secondhand. One of them is a brand new secondhand bathing suit.

Probably many of you are thinking, buying swimwear secondhand is a no-no. But many people purchase swimwear online, without knowing their correct size, and then end up receiving either to small or to big. So many og these wrong-purchases are sold online, to a better price and they are still brand new, so why not. I´m so happy with my new bathing suit, and I have a few more swim items I´m looking at getting before leaving, all secondhand of course.





  Oslo is sunny today, and the snow is melting, which is making me extremely happy. I´m hoping by the time I get back from Bali in May, it will be full bloom and summer vibes, until then let the spring blossom, we are in need of vitamin D and sipping rose in outside feeling the warmth. It is a nice feeling being able to wear less layers again.



Flair pants & knit is from Norwegian brands, Arnie Says & Iben.
Jacket is my mum´s from the early 80s. 
Shoes & handbag are both secondhand  




Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish. We are drowning in it, it is surrounding us, it has gotten to the point where we do not even notice how much unnecessary rubbish we are using on a daily basis. Saying that, I know there are many people doing a fair bit trying to avoid rubbish, without making a huge effort. And I´m so proud of every single one of you making little efforts. Every little bit matters. and if you are reading this, thinking you can do more  you are probably right.

You can become a little bit more eco friendly by taking tiny steps and making effortless but important changes. One change is to bring with you a eco-friendly coffee keep cup. If you are a regular on the go coffee drinker, why not have a beautiful easy to wash coffee keep cup with you?

I have my keep cup at work, so when I get a coffee during work, I have it in my own beautiful cup. I drink about 4 coffees a week, so that is 4 plastic lids and 4 paper cups saved every week, which is 208 lids and 208 cups in one year.



     Right vs Wrong       






No matter your age, occupation, living situation or surroundings it is never to late to make changes to your life. It is never to late to make new big decision that might change your course of life completely or take you in a slightly different direction. For a little while I´ve been feeling stuck and did not quite see a solution to it all. I was telling myself it will get better, you are just going through a difficult time, a new phase in life. Truth be told, it did not get better until I decided I needed to change the things that are not making me happy or taking me to the place I want to be. A little while a go I  did belive that the road I was on, were the right one for me, at least at this current time in life. The last six months have proven the opposite, it has been an extremely bumpy road, that has turned out to feel strange and unlikable. After debating for some time, I finally got myself to take action. If there is one thing that I have learnt from difficult times, it will not get better unless you take action and decide to make changes. We all need to go through different stages of our life´s and each decision we make leads us onto a new road. Sometimes it turnes out to be a great road, other times not so much. Learn to listen to your instincts, learn from the decisions  that turn out to be negative, because they are just as valuable as the positive decisions.

I know for sure this will not be the last time my life will change direction and it is not the last time I will feel like I´m on the wrong road. I´m taking this experience with me, choosing to see it in a positive way as it has thought me that my life is to valuable to waist on being stuck on a road that I dont find to like anymore.






This week have passed by really quick, it is already Thursday and I have a long weekend a head, with a busy agenda. I´m very focused on meditation, exercise and yoga philosophy these days. After thinking about extending my yoga knowledge for a very long time I have finally made a decision to actually do something about it. I have booked a yoga teacher training retreat in Bali, so I´n one month I´m on my way to a small island outside of Bali. There I will be staying for a month completing level 1 200 hours, becoming a qualified yoga teacher. I still cant believe I´m finally doing this, yoga is something I´ve practised for a long time, but it is not until lately that I have discovered the power of yoga and meditation. Going through a very though time the last six months, the yoga practise have really helped me find my path & pull me through.


I´m first of all doing the yoga teacher training for my own benefit, developing myself and connecting with my body on a deeper and extended level. Hopefully it will be a very powerful and eyeopening experience that I can take with me and share with others.







A new week has just begun, maybe you have a heavy start to it, or maybe you are easing into it like I´m lucky enough to do. I´ve come to really enjoy Mondays, cause I most of the time start work around 1pm, so I have really fresh productive Monday mornings, with tea in bed, yoga, a little bit of house organisation and anything else that I should have done before heading to work.

I´m starting the day off with both music and podcast and this is my top 4 songs right now…

ODESZA – Kusangi


MOGLI – Wanderer

When my heart shuts down I don’t speak Cause behind the muffled beating I am weak The earth is ripped with cracks Beneath my feet One word more they become crater’s

Oh the wind in my hair It sings my song To be a Wanderer and to go home Oh the wind in my hair It sings my song To be a Wanderer To be a Wanderer and to go home


STU LARSEN – Far away from here


LORD HURON – The night we met

Hope your Monday turn out to be a great one, if not try making it great. Start with positive vibes & a positive mind, it will get you a long way.








As you all know by now I´m a advocate for purchasing everything vintage, our planet has reached a  tipping point of being cluttered by more than anyone need of anything materialistic. Supporting vintage trade will hopefully slow the production of new things down, it is taking time, but every little effort helps.

Wearing vintage I receive far more compliments when I don´t. Probably 8/10 times wearing vintage I´m given a compliment compared to when I´m not wearing anything vintage it happens not even half as many times. I love clothes and my style is very important part of the person I am, so receiving compliments for my vintage clothes gives me a lot of joy.

This lovely piece of wool cardigan was bought at a vintage & antique market in London, we stumbled up on while discovering new areas. It only cost my 10 pound, which it was so worth. You may find the most beautiful pieces when you are not looking for them. 




My whole life I´ve had a body weight that according to the statistics are underweight. I often felt underweight and ugly-skinny when I was young. No curves and visible bones made me feel uncomfortable in my own body, I didn´t want to exercise to much, scared of becoming even skinnier and look even less feminine than what I already did. Thankfully with age, I did gain a little bit I learnt that exercise is ok even though you are skinny and I finally grew some feminine curves as well. I´m still very skinny, and the combination of a really high metabolism and my healthy eating is not making it easier to gain weight. I´m overall very happy with my body structure today, there is still people who might comment on it, or think “that girl got some eating issues”, which I do not have. I LOVE FOOD, but I love mostly healthy food, I am trying to gain some more muscle mass and weight, as I currently feel I could need a few more kilos, but it is not an easy challenge.

We all got our issues.


We all have different body issues, different weights, proportions & shapes, which we deal with in different ways. Remember the most important is that you treat your body in a healthy way & do not measure yourself after how others look. 





I had a really nice birthday celebration last night, a few friends yummy food & wine in a small low key bar/restaurant. It was just how I like it. A few days a go I was in need of some inspiration and motivation, often feeling a bit different than the norm I do need to boost my system with alternative thinking from likeminded people. Searching for some input I came a cross two documentary´s on Netflix, both really hit me they way I had hoped, sparking my system.


A travel documentary about a young couple finding their path, inspiration and searching for a higher meaning in life, while travelling in a selfmade living bus.

Nature. Loneliness. Mindfulness. Culture. Togetherness. Happiness.



Following a extremely depressed person, who is on the verge of killing himself. Travelling alone to Peru, seeking up ancient wisdom and medicine healers to to try make one last effort to cure his depression. It is a really honest, raw and inspiring story.

Depressing. Raw. Honest. Eye-opening. Alternative.