As you all know by now I´m a advocate for purchasing everything vintage, our planet has reached a  tipping point of being cluttered by more than anyone need of anything materialistic. Supporting vintage trade will hopefully slow the production of new things down, it is taking time, but every little effort helps.

Wearing vintage I receive far more compliments when I don´t. Probably 8/10 times wearing vintage I´m given a compliment compared to when I´m not wearing anything vintage it happens not even half as many times. I love clothes and my style is very important part of the person I am, so receiving compliments for my vintage clothes gives me a lot of joy.

This lovely piece of wool cardigan was bought at a vintage & antique market in London, we stumbled up on while discovering new areas. It only cost my 10 pound, which it was so worth. You may find the most beautiful pieces when you are not looking for them.