One thing that I´ve really come to appreciate and not take for granted the last six months, is not to be ashamed of failure. Most people live their life afraid of failing, so therefore they do not dare taking the chances where they dont have a clear view of the outcome. We are so scared of failing, that we miss out on great opportunities that could lead us on a path to higher grounds, even if dont reach the peak of success we will learn from it till the next time we have an opportunity.


Before I finally managed to make the decision that I wanted to become a certified yoga teacher, I was only thinking about all the postures I could not manage and how I was failing at not being good enough. I have never been naturally flexible, I have never been really strong or good at anatomy but I do LOVE yoga and all the great benefits of it. Thankfully I changed my mindset around, I simply allow myself to fail, not be good enough. Because I will try again and again, until I will manage to do it. I will work hard for it, because if i dont dare to fail I will never know how far I can reach.


My friend Frida and I have been practising different “difficult” yoga postures, Feathered Peacock being the most difficult one, we still are not able to do it properly, but we are not giving up on it. When we finally manage to do it perfectly, we will find a new and more difficult one to practise.