It has been about one month since I completed my yoga teacher training in Bali. I have been practising everyday, some days only 10 minutes but I have been doing it everyday. When I left Bali I knew that my practise would not be as it were during my time there. Here everyday life is happening at the same time, so somedays 10 minutes is all that is manageable, but my teacher in Bali said;

Practise everyday, even if it is only for 7 minutes.

So I intend to keep that promise. 

My self practise is one of my most important priorities, which I intend to keep as part of my daily life routine. I´m feeling the power of the work I put into it, it is a vibrant flow of energy.
Everything is a work in progress, I believe I will never reach a final stage where there is no more to achieve, but this is such a motivation to keep learning, reaching higher and improving, because there is always a new level to reach.