The last year has been a journey of exploring, creating, developing new interesting friendships and relations, much self-reflection and working on self-growth and finding true contentment with anything that happens in my life. I personally believe that this is a ongoing job, whenever we think we have reached that perfect state, then we will realise there is more to achieve, more work to be done. I´ve reached a point in my life where I´m starting to understand what I want and who I am as a person, which makes me want to keep exploring, growing & achieving.

I completed my very first yoga class this week, and it was feeding the fire inside, sharing one of my many passions with more people. After the sequence I knew that I just completed another very small step in the right direction of becoming my true self. We are humans capable of doing amazing work, we just have to start believing in ourselves and start doing the work. I believe that the more you feel that fire inside of you, the harder you’ll work to achieve that feeling again and again, until you might live, breath and do it daily.

Seek what sets your soul on fire, make it your true self, live breath and be that fire. 

“I cant pretend to be a lion;
Able to concur the enemy.
To master myself would be enough.”