Shamanism and the philosophy of yoga are the topics that is taking up my current dedicated reading time. Shamanism and healing is practises that I find very interesting and I need to dive deeper into this world. I  believe we can use it to cure a lot of problems in peoples life´s, much of it is also very relevant to yoga and meditation.
The philosophy of yoga is in my opinion necessary reads if you wish to take your role as a yoga teacher serious and / or your personal practise, as yoga is not about the movement, its yoga as a way of life. You should live. breath. eat. do yoga every second of you life, if you truly wish to obtain the true practise of yoga. I´m hoping to reach that level of perfection someday, but it might not be in this lifetime. 


My absolute favourite poem is with me as bookmark. As I carry my book with me almost everywhere I go, I always have this poem with me.
I feel this poem with my whole body, my heart and my soul.